Negative result

Has anybody taken a early pregnancy tests one day can test 6 days early got a negative result I feel as if I pregrant got nause tired cramping every now again funny taste in mouth but got negative result this morning periods due 13th dec 



  • Hiya u might be testing to early I know some people don't get postivie till after missed period. Even with the early detection tests. On mine by doctor took a week after af to get a strong positive line. I'm due af tomorrow and afarid to test. Have a shitty boots brand upstairs waiting for fmu. Your not out yet so best of luck xx 

  • Oh thank you lovely I never tears before a period but feeling pregrant hope it’s gd news for you also xx

  • Gd luck lovely if you test 2day x

  • Hiya.. Aw thanks just up.. Did the boots one last night was negative.. Dunno will I run over and get a first response or wait and see if af arrives. Really nausea emotional tired and loads of trips to bathroom and few days yellow tinged discharge but usual few af cramps and sore boobs. How are u feeling!? 

  • I would go get one mrs I am same feeling really sick more at nite last few nite last nite boobs were really sore itchy nipple nothing I had before x

  • Yeah going to run over once partner up to mind the kids ha ha.. Hold pee as long as I can. Tww is a killer when symptoms stopping prob all in me head :( oh I hope and keep u in my prayers ul have ur bfp soon xx

  • imagehad no frer in shop but looks like I'm wait on af to show her face.  

  • Thnks you it’s hard take when you gettin all signs bmithing happing xx

  • I know I'm going to say I'm out for now and see if she comes if not il test in few days again as I said my others were at least week b4 postivie showed.. 

  • Totally lovely I think I allways been about a week late before I tested I got so so sore nipples 2nite x

  • The best advice I can give is just wait it out till ur actually due on. Just because the test early tests are showing negative doesn't mean u are out. They're not  a guarantee. Just see if AF shows on the day it's due and f u havent come on by early evening THEN go buy a test. But don't waste ur  money on all these expensive early detection  tests before hand. These companies,  they prey on people like us desperate to have a baby and that's why they're a multimillionaire pound company charging so much for a poxy bit of paper in a plastic stick, cos they know people will pay it when they want something so badly lol xx 

  • Thanks susiegirlygirl thata very very true I never through you know war it’s like waiting feel like forever lol xxx

  • Well day to still no af and my boobs and tummy itchy and werid taste in mouth can't drink my coffee. If not pregnant most have bug or something. I late but going to try get to the end of week without testing again just incase af still comes x

  • It’s waiting isn’t it I feeling sick all time I got wait thurdsay for period through was wed but it Thursday x

  • imageLady’s is it my eye sight our is there a faint line 

  • Need make pic bigger see it 

  • Hiya I see a V faint line but it's there test again in few days hopefully it be draker and a bfp x x

  • Thanks I going go get one of test say pregrant our not 

  • Just remember the digital are some times not as sentsive. Let me know how u get on xx

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