False Positive likely??

Hi all

This morning I took a First Respose Early detection test and it can back positive, with a very clear but slightly faded second line.

I then went out and bought Clear Blue Digital tests that well you how many weeks you are but when I took it, it came back negative.

Is it likely that the first test is a false positive? Or has the Clear blue one just came negative as Iv taken it too early?



  • Hi MrsAO,

    First response is more sensitive than clear blue at only 6 mU/ml whereas clear blue is 25mU/ml. You probably are pregnant but would need to wait a couple more days before getting a positive on clear blue as HCG doubles every couple of days .

  • Thanks so much. Have now had 5 bfps from two different branded tests so fingers crossed!! 🤞🏻 

  • Congrats :) glad you got your BFP 

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