Positive or negative


I’ve been having intercourse every 3days after my period including my ovulation days. I have stopped birth control pills 6months ago and I’ve had been pregnant almost  every month but they were all chemical pregnancies. My circle is normally 27-29 days This month i really felt like I am definitely pregnant there is no way that I’m not I can feel it. However first time when I took pregnancy test was 3days before my period and it came negative, my second one day after came back very very very faint positive but I could hardly see it I was thinking I’m just seeing this that are not there however my period arrived on time its light reddish pinky, I thought ok that means I’m not pregnant I have started feeeling very sick though it started in the evening and continued when I woke up next morning until afternoon . I’ve been having left sided cramps or pain that is just there most of the time and I decided to take a pregnancy test again even though it was my 3rd day on period however this time the test came back darker but not sure if that is a positive 

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