Evaporation line or pregnancy??

my partner and I have been having unprotected for 2.5 years and never been caught. I did a test Saturday morning and as I was out didn’t look again and shoved it in my bag thinking it was another bfn. I’ve looked this morning as I’ve got to work and there is definitely a line. Is this an evaporation line or positive!? I can’t test until I leave work and I’m going crazy!! Never had an evaporation line before, just no line at all. Helpppp


  • You should discard test after 10 minutes, the result is not accurate. If it's clear blue they give really bad evap lines. I'd get FRER test and check again. Good luck xx

  • I didn’t leave it 10 minutes. I didn’t see a line so just thought another disappointing bfn :( now I’m so confused!

  • Alsi, do another test and follow the instructions :) make sure you get a proper brand like frer, I find them most accurate but don't read after 10 minutes. What dpo are you?

  • I am due af today image

  • Test should be pretty accurate then. Do one more today/tomorrow, make sure your urine isn't diluted and don't read it after 2 days :) evaps are not unusual after such a long time. Good luck xx

  • Thank you for your help. I’ve never seen an evaporation line before even after leaving it and rechecking after days purely through curiosity!

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