TTC cycle #2

I know I know probably sick of seeing me post but hay that's what this page is for right!!!! 

So I took a u check strip test and ever so slightly seen a line when in the 10 minute window took a different test and this is what came up


So I ask as this is it positive 


  • No one can answer that's great thanks for the help 😊

  • I think you need to try to be abit more patient brandy as your comments come across rude.

    that loooks a positive to me, when is af due?

    do another in 48hrs x

  • There not rude I said thank you and put a smile face...

    AF past already but wasn't normal didn't really bleed more or less spotted for two days and then nothing for four days and then spotted for another two days.... so I waited a while started feeling bloated and heavy breast had some nausea,headaches lower back pain,some cramping,constipation,lack of appetite, and lack of those who feel I was rude truly sorry 😊

  • Well i can defo see something, are you going to try any more tests?x

  • Yes I was going to test again in a few days or tomorrow

  • Good luck let us know x

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