Evaporation lines or Positive? Help!


Im new to this so bear with me :) 

So the past couple of weeks has been strange, i took my first test 3 days after my missed period and had a Very faint line but as it was so thin I assumed it was an Evaporation line. Anyway I was 12 days late, and bled for a day with cramping (tmi it was brown blood which is unusual for me) but the next day it had finished. So I took another test (Tesco) with pretty much the same result as before! Please advise as it’s driving me mad! Think I might have to invest in a clear blue digital. Below are the 2 separate tests that I have taken. imageimage


  • Hi lucyros3, I think blue dye tests are quite tricky. I would suggest getting a first response early response or FRER as they're known on here as they are more sensitive than the digital tests and also red dye .If you get a strong response on one of those then I'd suggest getting one of the digital with week indicator ones. 

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