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TTC for a few months or longer chat (December thread)

Hey ladies. Hoping this new thread will encourage everyone who has been ttc for a while to post, without the worry of seeing those bfp's from other members that havnt been trying for long (it's lovely, but I know how hard it is). Obv seeing bfp's from anyone who has been ttc for a while or a very long time will be amazing, so let's hope December will be our month!

As some of you know, i have been ttc for 14 months now and am just starting off with some fertility treatment. Im CD2 today.

Baby dust to us all for September babies! 🤞🤞🤞🤞



  • Heyy ive been ttc for 12 months almost. Going for bloods next cycle.

    what fertility treatment have you been given xx

  • That's the stage I'm at too Amnx, had bloods done a few weeks ago, had more done this morning. Got an appointment next week to have some internal swabs done, and hubby also has an appointment next week to give a sperm sample. Then once those results are all in we will be referred to the fertility clinic. So it's all go! This has come as a bit of a shock for us as we have two children (16 and 2) who were conceived within the first month of trying! This will be month 15! 

  • Ahhh really. I hope it all goes well for you. Im dreading mine im not good with needles. Has anything came back from your first bloods yet? Weve got to book another appointment for my partner ti do his sample as they wouldnt book us in at the same time and dr said for men its more complicated. We are trying for #1 so its getting very disheartening every month xx

  • Hi gospel22 thank you for this thread. This is my 8th month ttc. af is due in 6 days so really fighting the urge to test early. Want to hold out as long as possible this month as my cycles can range from 26-36 days! 

  • Thanks for creating this gospel. were at 6 months. I had bloods done a couple weeks ago. Dr never called me back and when I called to check in they told me if there was no call that means nothing abnormal came of it. I have a vaginal and uterus ultrasound planned for December 27th and my husband is supposed to book for his sperm test. I guess we’ll see after that. 

  • Hello I'm going to jump onto this thread too! I'm on my 8th month ttc and so far I haven't been to the doctor about it but I'm hoping it doesn't get too that point! I've tried a few things like preseed, vitamins, temping, laying after for 15-30 minutes and smep but hubby doesn't like to do it on a schedule so I don't think I will be able to keep that up next month. I'm on CD18 and I still haven't gotten my definite positive opk and temp rise so I'm assuming I haven't ovulated yet this month.

  • Hi deedee90 did u have to exaggerate to your dr about how long u have been trying? Mine would laugh me out the door and tell me not to come back until after one year? 

  • Hi all we've been trying 6months too. How can I get blood tests and scans done? I seem to be getting sharp ovary pains every month between ovulation and AF but nothing so it's slightly worrying

  • Hi ladies. Hoping yous don’t mind I jump on this thread. I’m only 21, was exceptionally lucky to fall pregnant with my 1st on second cycle trying in October, however misscarried our little angel at 6.5 weeks. 

    my miscarriage has delayed ovulation in following cycles for me, I believe it may be months maybe years now for me to conceive my second. My cousin is only 19 and she’s due in 6 weeks, and my other cousin has just found out she’s preg. So difficult. I can’t imagine what you ladies are going through, this is my second cycle since my MC and I haven’t ovulated again. I’m due AF 24th December. Heart breaking knowing there’s no chance. X 

  • Ella, I bekiefe I’m extremely lucky with my dr. I walked in for my annual and I was visibly upset about the whole thing. After I’ve explained how stressed I have been and how it’s been affecting me and my husband, she offered The tests. She did say she can’t refer us to a fertility until a year is up but at least I would know if there is something more pressing right away with the bloodA. 

  • Heyyy everyone 👋👋 yay for this post!! I’m going mentalllllll!! I’m on month 17 of trying to have a baby! But had a miscarriage 6 months ago at 13 weeks! So the doctor laughed me out the door this week when I went with the very simple response of ‘you can get pregnant. Keep trying. If not pregnant by June then come back‘ haha so that’s where I’m at! 

    Where are we at in our cycles ladies? 

    Baby dust to you all!

  • Hey ladies I have the early testing itch. I will be day 26 tomorrow. My cycle varies from 28-36days but the last few months has been 28 or 29 days. Shall I test tomorrow morning?! I have two clearblue early detection tests. I do this every single month sigh! Let’s get some views shall I hold out or test tomorrow?!

  • I say hold out or just get some of the cheapie £1 tests cos it’s still super early! You know how cruel our bodies can be! Do you know when you ovulated? You don’t want to waste a clear blue! I’ve heard they aren’t that sensitive? And then if you get a faint pos you can go all out with the clearblues! 

  • Hmm maybe I will hold out then! I dont know for sure when I ovulated as havent used the kits this month. My fitbit app predicted it was the 6th. 

  • Hi gospel i remember you from previous threads! Thanks for creating this i really struggle mentally at the moment seeing people with bfp! Im am very happy for them but sad why it doesnt happen to me! Im only 26 first time trying been off the pill for over a year now and actively trying since July!.

    We are uping the game this month brought fertility check gel and been putting legs in air for at least 15mins each time!

    I will give you girlies something to laugh about! So my partner been placing the fertility gel inside me! So the other day it was dark wasnt in the mood but we both thought a quickiee! So get the lube ready he puts it in and it hurt i was like oh werid why it hurting! Thought nothing of it dtd went to sleep. Wake up next day no leakage werid but my gosh it hurt to wee! He only put it in my bloody pee hole!!!!! Couldnt believe it lol. Im ok now but find it quite funny! Sorry tmi but had to share that story!! Haha!!! Hope people find it as funny as i find it ha!

    Anyway back to ttc i ovulated early this cycle period finished last thursday, positive opk this thrusday! Also had pink discharge never had before! Hopefully good sign! Waiting for my sticky bean!

  • 1stbaba1 ahaha bless him!! Let us know how you get on, could be implantation bleed. Good luck xx

  • Hi everyone, just 

    thanks for starting up the thread! 

    we’ve been trying for 9 months now and im just feeling fed up about it. I know you will all understand that. I don’t even feel Christmassy and sometimes I wake up and I just feel down because it feels like everything is pointless sometimes! I know I sound very down but I’m not always just as bad... I think Christmas has been making it all worse.

    also I don’t tell anyone about this... I don’t know about you so that makes it difficult. I just chat to OH about it and he is disappointed too! But I just don’t want anyone else to know and feel sorry for us etc

    im trying to think of ways to feel positive but not feeling it this month!! 

    What do you girls do to stay upbeat? (If you can?)

    We’re going to Amsterdam for a city break at start of the new year, so I’m try to focus on that x

  • Just found out my partners sister is 6 weeks pregnant with second baby accident! she is 24 first baby1 years old Cried alot! Why is life so unfair!

  • Awww 1stbaba, it's just the worst. It's so hard to be happy for people.

    I don't talk to anyone else about it all either Lola, I think talking on here and knowing there are others in the same boat is what's keeping me (partially) sane! 

    Hoping for my blood test results this week. Although I'm not sure what I'm expecting/wanting to hear from them

  • Well girls, I just got engaged today. Hoping this takes our minds off ttc For a couple of months. X 

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