BFP or no?

I had a miscarage last month so my ovulation cycle is off.. not trying to prevent anything either. I have tested on OPK for 4 days straight & I have had very strong positives. Took a HPT and I think I see a faint line. What do you guys think? Do you see one too or am I crazy and it’s just early too be testing. 


  • Think I see it hunni test again in couple of days should go darker xx

  • Hi I see it too, can I just ask if you had a negative test after mc or had bloods done to check your hcg had gone to negative? 

    I hope it is a bfp for you I only ask as I mc In october and I still had a positive test on the 28th November the following day I started to bleed which lasted 11 days an now my tests are back to negative x 

  • test definitely went back to negativ, as I had one of those after this one too. Which makes me think I caught this positive by chance because it’s soo early 

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