Did you do anything different the month you fell pregnant?

Did any of you ladies do anything different the month you fell pregnant? 

Really curious to hear some of your stories!


  • Hi sarah, I have told my story a few time as I want to spread the love and baby dust! The month I conceived was the first month I tried taking Soya Isoflavones  (natural version of Clomid) cycle day 3-7 100mg. I also ate pineapple and Brazil nuts for 6 days after ovulation. I didn't time sex for ovulation, instead I just made a conscious effort to have sex every other day- just to help me not think about it as much. Xx good luck 

  • What are the benefits of pineapple and Brazil nuts after ovulation? 

  • My friend fell pregnant when they've been on vacation <3 I think they've finally just relaxed and it worked :)

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