Are we too late?

Hi there just wondered if anyone out there had a successful pregnancy by bd  the day after a positive ovulation test? My partner works away and I got a positive ovulation test on Friday but we did not manage to dtd until he was home 24 hours later. I took another test on Saturday before he was home and it still showed positive but maybe not as dark.  I’m hoping that it’s true that the egg is not actually released until 1-2 days after a positive ovulation test? So maybe we are still in with a chance this month? 


  • I'd give it a go. I don't think opk's are that accurate. Some women may have a surge in the LH hormone without even releasing an egg and also for some it can be 2 days later.

    Every time I used opk's I was late despite bd same day. I stopped using opk's as my husband said he's under too much pressure and got pregnant within a month. Good luck xx

  • Thanks. Do you mean that every time you used opk you bd the day of a positive but you ended up ovulating later on? How did you know when you did actually ovulate if you don’t mind me asking? I’m hoping that’s the case here for me and we might be lucky. We have missed out last month because my partner was working away and he’s going to be away next month too so if it doesn’t work this time, that will be 3 months in a row we have missed the crucial time! 🙄 I had some crampy pains on the Saturday that I’m telling myself was maybe ovulation pains and that was a few hours before we bd. So if his swimmers are fast 🤞 😂 xx

  • I was usually cramping 3-5 days before actual ovulation. The only reason I know when it actually happened is from my 7 weeks pregnancy dating scan, we conceived on 16th day of cycle but I had cramps on 12th. Sperm can live up to 5 days. It worked better for us to bd every other day before ovulation and have swimmers waiting there already than rush after work because you might have only few hours until your ovulation.

    Trouble is opk's are not very accurate as some women have very long LH surges and others have short. If you happen to have a long LH surge you will get a few days of positive LH tests before you actually ovulate so yea, you still have a chance :)

  • Thanks Mag, sorry I have only just noticed this reply. Well I came on to update in case anyone comes apon this post. I took a pregnancy test on Christmas Day at 10dpo ( or what I thought was10 dpi) and it was a very faint positive! We are happy but not letting ourselves get too excited as in this last 12 months we have had 2 chemical pregnancies and then a miscarriage at 8.3 weeks. So understandably I am still very worried this might not work out but keeping a positive outlook.  Im so glad we dtd when we did as I was going to just say forget it as I thought we were too late. 

  • Great news! Congratulations :)

  • The digital is at 16dpo, I’m just putting out this info in case anyone finds it interesting, as I’m amazed that it all seems to be progressing well and like to see that I’m now onto the 2-3 weeks. I know that anything can still happen as our last miscarriage went the same way, but I’m keeping a positive outlook snd hope that this time it will be a healthy pregnancy. Happy new year when it comes! 

  • Congratulations butterfly. I’m really sorry for your losses but fingers crossed this is your 

  • Thank you Emj3 xx

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