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hi all

thought I would start a thread for people who are going to be trying in January. I am in my 4th month of trying and today my bbt dropped and it started with cramps so expecting my period will start today :-( So looks like we are moving on to month 5 and January.

I know we are still early days but having a period is such a cruel reminder that you aren’t yet pregnant isn’t it!! We are trying to conceive our first.



  • Can I join please I had a MC on 9th December due my af on 4th January if a normal cycle. Been tracking ov and it's still showing negative vv faint 2nd line. So not actually sure when it will arrive. Trying to cover all bases and we are trying to dtd every other day X we do have 7 lovely children this is our 3rd mc good luck to all sending baby dust xx

  • I'm going into my second month ttc our first baby. AF due 16th Jan (ish).  Good luck everyone, hope this is our month 💪

  • Hi everyone,

    This will be my second month of TTC after coming off the pill. Last cycle was 29 days and currently CD6 so hoping that this is a good month for us all!

    Good luck to you all!

  • Hi all

    just moved over from December chat.

    so unfortunately dec wasn’t our month....was my period after all 😞😭 gutted!

    i had a weirdly short cycle this month, 26 days. So turns out what I thought was my fertile window this month likely wasn’t. Darn it.

    So.... January wanna be ON IT. Hubby is away late January and throughout whole of February. So got first 2 weeks of jan to nail it 😂

    so on period now, till roughly 29/30 dec. advice please...

    when is my fertile window going to be?

    when and how do I use ovulation thingys?

    what brand?

    PLEASE help. I clearly got it so wrong last 2 months! 🤦🏻‍♀️


  • Trying4tot u reccomened buying the cheap ones and doing 2 a day from say 9 of cycle. Mid day and evening. U will get 2 lines but for a positive the test line needs to be as dark as the control line. I did 3 in one day and that evening I had the LH surge and got my positive ( see pic) 

  • Bloody camera thing on this site doesn't work all the time. So annoying 

  • Thanks for your reply. ok should I just order cheap ovulation ones online, and like you said do twice a day? from when I finish my period? And when the line is as dark as control line, I’m ovulating??  

    this is what I find confusing though.. Arnt we most fertile in the days leading upto ovulation and on actual ovulation day?

    after ovulation , the egg doesn’t live long at all?


  • Yes you are most fertile in days leading up to ovulation and within 24 hours of ovulation usually fertility drops dramatically. The only way to definitively know if you have ovulated is to measure your bbt also. I bought the fenometer on amazon and am finding this really good for keeping track of things. Good luck all!

  • Im in my 12 month ttc our first :(

    Going for bloods twice in january then see what happens from there. 

    Due af 31st dec xx

  • AMNX sorry to hear you’ve had no luck so far.

    weve had 2 months so far no luck, but confused as to wether we’re jmust timing things wrong, or wether it’s my endometriosis, or wether it’s the surgery I had, or all the above!!

    anyway, Iv ordered the advanced clear blue digital ovulation stick (20 pack) and also cheapy ovulation year strips (for when I get obsessive 😂)

    also ordered one step early detection (10miu/ml) pregnancy tests

    all off amazon £50 later 🤫😳🙄 not cheap this baby making game is it!!!!

  • I stopped my pill in Aug, had a couple of periods and conceived in Nov. Then miscarried at 2 weeks on 27th Nov. I'd been using the cheapo ovulation sticks, so I knew the conception date. Since the miscarriage, there's been no sign of a period or ovulation, it's been over 4 weeks! We have no other children and this is our first time trying for a baby, so I guess I'm new to it all, and hoping someone else is in the same boat. Without a period, I've no idea when I'm next ovulating, although I keep using the sticks every couple of days.

  • daniellemac sorry to hear that. Perhaps go doctors for blood tests/scans get a better picture of what’s going on?

    Best of luck x

  • AF just arrived for me so onto month 16 of ttc. We are hoping for some answers in the new year so just holding tight until then. I've accepted that this probably won't happen naturally for us. 

  • Trying4tot it really is hard and at times im thinking to myself have i got pcos or endimetriosis or is it my partners antidepressants i just dont know and it is heart breaking every month. I never seen to get a good result on ovu sticks but im not consistent with them tbh.

    daniellemac so sorry to hear that hope you get better news this coming month. 

    Laceytil will you consider ivf?

    baby dust to you all xx

  • Hi girls, wondering if any of you can help me.

    I'm just into my second cycle TTC with first baby after coming off the pill at the end of November. 

    As it was my first cycle off the pill last month I wasn't 100% sure when to expect my period. Last Wednesday and Thursday I had spotting in the mornings and on Friday started what I think was just a light period on cd29 up until boxing day. 

    My question is what day should I class as cd1 this month, will it be the first day of spotting or the first day of full bleeding? And when do you girls start with ovulation testing 

    Thanks in advance 

  • Amnx it's hard not to think something is wrong with each month that passes. I already know I have endo but had it removed last year and was told my chances of ttc were good but hasn't happened. I think IVF might be our only option just praying we qualify! 

  • How did you know you had endo if you dont mind me asking?

    at least you know your chances are good. I havent got a clue about mine till we do thesr bloods i guess.

    im tired of thinking about it all especially when everyone around you is pregnant xx

  • amnx I found out I had Endo when back In March this year started having unusual symptoms like backache, fatigue, heavy bleeds,clots,extreme cramping pains. this Went on for months until in August I had blood running out of my tampon and pad down my legs. Doctors did ultrasound and found an 6cm mass. Nhs said they would just keep an eye on it to see if it gets bigger. Hubby was horrified and demanded second opinion. Went private, had more scans and tests. The mass had grown to 8cm. Consultant said he believed it to me an endometrioma cyst which is caused by endometriosis disease. I got booked in for surgery on private health. Was meant to have keyhole larascoprocy, to remove cyst and Endo adhesions. I ended up in surgery for 4 hours and had laparotomy/open surgery to pull out the 8cm mass. It was inside my left ovary so he had to cut my ovary open and see back up. My uterus, pelvic wall and ovaries were all stuck together. After surgery he said we have good chance of conceiving but should get going straight away. So here we are 2 months TTC and no luck. I knie It’s not been long but I’d be lying if i said I wasn’t disappointed and also pretty worried. 

    If you have unusual symptoms I urge any of you to do doctors and persist until your listened  too. 

  • Wow im so sorry you had to go through all that hun.

    i have blood clots every period and bad cramps, my drs crap so i try not to go unless i really need to.

    maybe i should get them to look into it. ive always had clots even as a teen and they were extremely heavy but since coming off the pill last december i still have clots but my periods not that heavy.

    what are yur thoughts on concieve plus jelly?xx

  • What’s conceive plus jelly!?? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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