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Positive ovulation

Omg it's amazing how much can change in 12 hours.!!! Had sex this evening. When's best to next have sex? X image


  • Blimey that's a great positive ovulation stick - I reckon BD again tonight? Good luck and merry Xmas (and maybe a Christmas quickie tomorrow morning just to be sure 😉)

  • Thanks Vicky. He's being a miserable twat tonight and it's Xmas eve all cos a bloke was staring at me in the bar LOL so I don't even wanna go near him cos he's being so argumentative I've just walked away and snuck to  my bathroom. Anyhow I did another and wtf it now looks like someone possessed has attacked it with scratch marks

     This is the most bizarre ovulation test I've done 

  • Hi Susie,

    I have just got a positive hpt yesterday and I usually would have sex during my fertile window,ovulation day and 3 days after.

    Hope this helps good luck 😊x

  • Thanks hun  done it loads so fingers crossed haha xxx

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