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Checking hpt test 2/3 hours later


Hi ladies I know your not meant to check outside of the time frame for hpt, but I just had to have a peek a few hours later ...and what was a definite negative a few hours ago looks slightly positive now 

I’m on cycle day 40  I think I ovulated on cycle day 28 ... no sign of AF yet 

is it  a evap line ( which I thought was meant to be grey) or you think it might be positive... 


  • I think you need to test again to be sure and use a pink dye test, good luck 

  • Do another in the morning a few hours later isn’t ideal at all. it should show up within the time. try a digital x

  • Thanks for replying ladies 

    im just holding on to the hope that my levels were really low and that’s why it took a few hours to show eventually 

    I’m 11/12 dpo 

    would be nice to hear of any other similair stories of bfp 

    will retest tomrw 

    fingers crossed 

  • Its not a valid lime after tome frame. You need to only look in time frame and blue dye tests are.well.known for thrse evaps.

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