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Faint pregnancy test

image hi 

ive been taking pregnancy test for the past 24 hours and I keep getting results like this. has anyone had this and been pregnant? Yesterday it was more faint seems to be slowly getting darker. Im not due on til 30th but I don’t want to get myself hopes up and then be these evap lines?? any been in the same   boat?? Xxx


  • That looks positive to me congratulations, evap lines don’t usually have colour to them and I deffo see pink on your test line, hcg doubles every 48hrs so you should see it stronger tomorrow if you first tested yesterday, try a first response test too. Dont get a digital until your af is late x

  • Defo positive! Congratulations!xxxx

  • Thank you ladies!! So happy. I have three more tests so will do them each morning and hope it gets darker! Xxx

  • image

    I took this first response today and I can see an extre faint line. Does anyone else see one or am I just going crazy?

  • Very faint line. Test again tomorrow, hopefully it will get darker. Good luck.x

  • Thanks! Testing tomorrow morning again but I’ve been having cramps and had a light pink spotting this morning but nothing else all day. Period was due yesterday so think it might be coming. Just so confused

  • Hey I’m back after a month I came on, but Iv been tkaing folic acid as my mate had taken it for 3 weeks and fell pregnant, I need someone’s oppion as I’m so confused Iv done the ovulation tests before having sex every day so I just use a app now but i don’t think that is a 100% either for me. But going off app I was ovulatiby these days in blue with love hearts is the day we had sex I have bee pregnant before but did not succide but I didn’t find out till 2months. The pain in my boobs was sooo painful so I’m kinda looking for same symptoms, It’s very hard not to get excited but the grey spots are the days my boobs have been really hurting fuller and like rock hard,I took a pregnancy 28th but in evening negative and first thing this morning negative it was a cheap£1 one and a clear blue I don’t know whether it is too early or what to think my period is due in 10 days so I don’t want to get my hopes up. As if I am pregnant it would of been like 3 days before my symptoms started. 

    My husband and I serve in the army so I would love to make it a huge surprise for him 

    please can I have people’s opinions 


  • It’s waaaaay to early to test. You’ve only really just ovulated. I know it’s hard waiting but fingers crossed! X

  • Thank you yea it is il try keep myself occupied thank you for replying ☺️X

  • Mbirdy I ovulated same window as u. So I'm in same waiting boat. Keep me posted we shud test same time LOL x

  • Hehe. Defo let me know when ur thinking of doing it 😊😘☺️X

  • Think I got my hopes up boobs still sore but no we’re near as they have been the last few days 

  • I got sore nipples more than boobs after I ovulate so that might be why. I did mine 4 days bedore my period! Good luck ladies xx 

  • I was wrong as day gone on my boobs even taking them out of my bra 😣. My emotions have been all over the place. I prayed last night which I haven’t done since I was 11 after my dad committed suicide so means a lot to do it so I’m praying that has helped. 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  • I’ll keep everything crossed for you Mbirdy🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻faith’s a funny thing.xxxx

  • Thank u ❤️X

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