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TTC after Mirena removal

Hi there!

I am completely new to this page so I apologise if something similar has been posted before.

I am currently TTC baby number 1 and I had my mirena removed on 6/12/18. I had some bleeding for a couple of days after removal and then my period came the date it was due - however it only lasted 2 days as opposed to the usual 5-7. I am just worried about how long it will take for my cycles to get back to normal. I hate not knowing as usually everything is so predictable!

I was just wondering if anyone had similar experiences or is in the same boat? Any success stories for conception post mirena would be very much appreciated!

Thanks :)


  • Hi I thought I would let you know how i got on after removing the Merina coil . I got mine out in January after having it in a year and a half. Whilst I had it in I’m sure it caused my very light periods and facial acne. We were told we could ttc right away and that my hormone levels would turn back to normal. I do not believe this to be the case for me. I ended up having 2 chemical pregnancies then a miscarriage ( baby heartbeat stopped at 8 weeks 3 days. It was not until after I had the D&C procedure in July that I noticed my acne clearing up and my periods returning to normal - 5 days moderate flow as opposed to 2-3 days light flow. We waited 3 months before ttc again and had to time it around my partner being at home as he works away, we were able to give it a shot this month and on Christmas Day I got my bfp. Obviously it’s very early days so still worried for the outcome.  But I would say that for me, that coil definitely upset my hormones for quite a few months after taking it out. I hope this is not the case for you and that you get lucky quick. i am 38 so that could also be a factor in why we have had problems this year, but I already have 2 kids and both conceived no problem at all. After my second child that’s when I got the mirena coil put in.  Good luck to you though and hope that it does not cause you any problems. 

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