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i am new to this so i thought id ask some advise from yourselves.

this is our third month ttc and Christmas Day a took a first response early test which was three days before my period. i Done a second test the day after which had a lighter second line and this morning i done another one as my period was due yesterday but you can only just see the second line.

i have a doctors appointment in January to make sure but do you think I’d be wasting their time judging by my last result?



  • The only times my tests got lighter as days went by was when i was having a chemical pregnancy. Im sorry if this is what is happening to you.

  • If you look properly at those tests it is the test line that is dark and the control line has disappeared. You are very pregnant. Congratulations. 

  • Yes I agree it's the control line ( the one that shows the test is working properly ) that is fainter and NOT the actual hcg  detecting line. In fact your actual test lines are very strong  xxx so Defo congrats

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