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Poundland pregnancy strips

Hi ladies, i thought id give my experience with these tests. I admit i only bought them because they were cheap. I peed in a cup and dipped it in as its easier that way for me. Look how strong the positive line is BEFORE the pee has even reached the end of the test. Once test was finished it is a very strong positive but these tests do fade a LOT once dry so any ladies with a positive that isnt as strong as that yet or maybe only have a very faint positive may suddenly think they arent pregnant once the test dries and panic unecessarily.





  • Hiya.. That looks like a nice postivie.. You can get a strong one if your far enough gone or you have high hcg levels. When your af due?? I'd advise buying a first response test.. I know there a little expensive but this time I took loads of cheapie all negative till day 5 nó af and took first response and was very strong postivie. 

  • Oh i already know im 100% pregnant, seen heartbeat etc. Im about 8 weeks now but these were taken day af was due. Only just round to posting now as i def think a faint positive would fade away completely and make some ladies think they arent pregnant

  • Oh read if wrong. Congratulations best of luck xx

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