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3 positives, one doctors negative

hi guys.

so I have taken 3 clear blue early detection test and All came back positive.

went to the doctors today to do a urine test and it came back negative!

i am so so confused!

the test she did was a strip, does anyone know if these Are as sensitive? i came straight home to do another early detection and it came back positive!!! I’m due on the 4th. I don’t want to get to excited :( 


  • I remember it took a week for my doctors test to get a bfp best bet is to wait till your late and then go doctor.. Best of luck xx

  • Thank you :) what’s the chances 4 clear blues could be fibbing to me? :( 

  • Have you got photos of your test? You are testing early and most doctors wont even do a test until you are a week late (lots on here say the doctors tests are far less sensitive plus if you haven't held your wee it won't be concentrated enough) 

  • image Heres A pic of my test. I also did a digital one which said pregnant 1-2 weekd

  • I did the clear blue early detection tests which show 6 days before period Is due. I’m 4/5 days til due x

  • They are good positives for 4 days before a missed period. Don't worry about the doctors tests. Many of them seem to be far less sensitive than the ones on the market. Congratulations. 

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