Conception after chemical pregnancy


we are trying for our first baby and I have sadly had a chemical pregnancy. I am now worried that this will happen again or mean that we are unable to have a successful pregnancy. 

Has anyone had one and then gone on to have success??


  • Firstly, sorry for your loss. Secondly, many women who have miscarriages go on to have successful pregnancies. Good luck x

  • I had a chemical in Jan 2012, fell pregnant again next cycle (Feb 2012) and my little girl is now 6! Good luck xx

  • I had a chemical in June. I got my bfp in August. 

  • hi, thank you both for your replies- amazing news :) I will stay positive!! Xx

  • Hi Smith

    I had a chemical in November, was gutted but then we fell pregnant straight away the month after despite being much more relaxed about it and not using ovulation tests like we had been etc. I have heard you are more fertile immediately after a CP and seemed to be the case for me! Currently nearly 9 weeks pregnant :)

    The fact you know you can get pregnant is a good sign. Good luck and just try relax.

  • Hi Duncan497

    Thank you for your reply, oh how exciting!!! Congratulations :)

    yes I have no idea when I will ovulate now so wouldn’t even know when to check for it but I have read that it’s happened straight away for lots of people, fingers crossed! X

  • I had three miscarriages in a row, two of which were from chemical pregnancies. My partner and I had lots of tests done but everything came back normal. After a few months break from trying we fell pregnant again and braced ourselves for the usual heartache that would follow, but it never came and we now have a healthy baby girl! the doctors always told me the fact you are able to get pregnant is a very positive sign and it's absolutely possible to have a successful pregnancy. now I believe them! Keep going and don't give up hope!

  • Aw congratulations, and sorry for the negatives :( that’s great to hear the dr was so positive :) 

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