Hoping for a BFP in the next week! Who’s with me?

Hi ladies.. wanted to create a thread for us hoping  get that happy result soon.. here’s my story xx..

so.. January is my third month of trying since coming of my pill..  last period starts 22nd of December, im very regular- 28 days without fail, never more. My partner works away, meaning the only opportunity we had to conceive when I was ovulating was the evening of the 3rd of jan. 

since then I have become increasingly nauseous, I can barely eat a thing and that’s weird for me lol.. also by boobs are absolute agony and feel very heavy, getting worse every day, worse than when I’m due on.. Ive been having headaches, extremely vivid dreams every night for 4-5 days and I’m feeling dizzy with twinges in my tummy. 

I have been pregnant twice before, unfortunately they weren’t to be 😔 so I Recognise the feelings. However, I did a test (just a cheapie) 3 days ago.. BFN, then the following day.. same again. So I got a first response rapid detection yesterday, did it this morning, very negative again 😔. 

It is the 13th today, and to be fair AF no due until the 19th.. so I’m really really hoping there’s still hope.. getting myself so worked up I’m even thinking are the symptoms just all in my head. But I do feel so pregnant. The BFNs have really disheartened me though. 

Sorry for the essay 🙈 just wondering if anyone had any thought or if any of you are in a similar position...? GL to all you lovely ladies.

Jo xxx



  • Hello, 

    sorry to hear that you‘ve had some negatives, it’s so disheartening isn’t it :( 

    I’ve only ever had a chemical pregnancy, never had success, that was last month. It sounds all good for you apart from the tests so manybe kit give it a few more days? Fingers crossed for you xx

  • Oh I’m so sorry 😔 are you hoping for a BFP this month? Yes, negatives make you feel so rubbish.. I have decided to wait a few days, fingers crossed no period an I’ll test again. Keep me updated lovely xx 

  • Hello, I'm so sorry to hear about your negative test but it could just be too early. I'm a strong believer in when you know you know. I too am hoping for my bfp AF is due on the 18th. I just feel different, I'm exhausted and today I'm having tingles in my nipples the last few days iv felt what can only be described as a heavy feeling in my uterus. Its so good to know that somone else is feeling the same as me because I too have thought is this all in my head. X

  • To be honest I’m not sure....the Dr said to wait a month to let my period get back to normal, but I’ve read about lots of times where it has happened the month following a chemical. I have no idea when I will ovulate though and don’t really want to get into doing lots because I want to just be relaxed about it. So hard isn’t it?! 

    Let us us know how you get on xx

  • SmithL35 I have also ready that after a chemical your more fertile hope this is the same for you . Im trying to take the relaxed approach too but its very easy to let it take over you then it's all your think about. Yes please let us know baby dust to all xx

  • Hi hope this is okay but really need some help. Had a chemical a few moths ago and was wondering if anyone else can see the faint pinky second line ? I’ve read the reviews on these one step tests on amazon and they’re apparently awful and people get positives with frers and digitals and these are still negative. So I’m going to get a digital because I’m just getting so stressed now. Thank you imageimage

  • Hello, 

    sorry to hear you have had a chemical too :( 

    i can see a very faint but of lighter colour I think, I don’t find those ones easy to read at all. Is af late? I would wait and try maybe weds xx

  • Af is nearly 3 weeks late I keep testing with these because bought a whole batch lol but everyone has a faint line and it’s driving me crazy so went to read reviews and everyone says they’re really bad and when took a digital they were in fact pregnant. So I think I’m just gonna get a digital and take one and see what it says. xxx

  • 3 weeks is a while, yes That’s a good idea to try a digital but try not to be disappointed if it’s negative. maybe See a dr? Xx

  • Hi Jo Sylvie!

    I'm on the same boat as you, AF due around 20th jan! I came off the pill in October last year, had a 36 day cycle then a 28 day cycle. My app predicts due to +OPK I'll have a 32ish day cycle this time. My body's still readjusting I think. 

    My boobs have been sore since O and today they feel bruised down the outer sides and under the nipple . I had sore breasts pre AF last cycle. No other symptoms, but I'm only 8dpo today!

    Feels nice to have people to talk to who are in a similar situation! I'll keep my fingers crossed for our BFP's at the weekend! 🤞

  • Thank you Smith, i‘ll try not to but knowing me I’ll be in tears, just like every month. And yes regardless of the results I think I will go see a doctor. Thank you very much. Will keep you updated xxx 

  • Best of luck. I know it’s so much easier said than done but have a cry and then try to keep smiling xx

  • What symptoms is everyone having?

    My symptoms today are spotty (I never get spots) tired and boobs still tingling. I also can't decide if iv got more veins in my boobs 

    It's so nice to have someone to talk to who S in the same shoes xx

  • What symptoms is everyone having?

    My symptoms today are spotty (I never get spots) tired and boobs still tingling. I also can't decide if iv got more veins in my boobs 

    It's so nice to have someone to talk to who's in the same shoes xx

  • Hi lovelys! Sorry ive been rubbish at keeping up with this the past few days have been hectic, moving house 😩.. so lovely to have people to chat to who are insinilar situations.. hope you’re all ok.. anyone got any news? 

    I have been strong and not tested again yet! Just a few more days to go till AF due and hoping it’s a no show so so much of course. 

    fingerscrossedQ that sounds positive 🤞I’m exactly the same about veins in my boobs! I’m definitely seeing them but keep second guessing myself thinking we’re they always there but I just never noticed 🙈 boobs feeling bigger and heavier every day, and my nipples are feeling tingly and I think they look different. Tummy tingles too, more nausea and vivid dreams... 

    how are you all doing?

    jo xxx

  • Hi love, all good here. I did an ovulation test today but negative. as I don’t know when it’ll happen this month I think well just have to see what happens x

  • Hi Ladies - in a similar position. AF due on the 17th and had a negative today. 

    Supposed to be out on Saturday and not sure if I should just relax and test on Monday - if Af doesn’t turn up before

    feel as though I’m making up symptoms feel really bloated and spotty but that’s about as to be expected before period due 

  • The only real symptom I have is sore and tender breasts. No other symptoms. 9dpo. 

    Really hoping for some BFPs on this board this week!! It really gives me hope!

  • Hi SmithL35.. glad you’re good.. yes probably best to just try and relax and check again in a couple days xx

    hello KikiRob! I’d say just try to forget for now.. I know it is hard, but hopefully af will not turn up and happy news could arrive next week 🤞🤞💫 

    SpeedyAce.. my breasts are getting more and more tender by the day, 11dpo now... me too! Fingers crossed and lots of baby dust to us all... not long to wait now ladies xxx

  • I’m 11 dpo now too so fingers crossed for us all 

    I luckily fell pregnant quickly last time as we weren’t actively treating and I knew once I started tracking it I would wind myself up

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