How long after stopping the pill?

Hello, everyone! I’m a newbie but saw a thread and loved the support received so wanted to come here with my questions. 

I started the pill about 2 months ago. My first month I wasn’t very good about taking it. My second month I stopped halfway into the pack. My husband and I decided i shouldn’t take the pill because of the side effects and risk of stroke. We decided it was time to try for a baby soon after. 

I didn’t take the pill on the 8th, the 9th I doubled up. The 10th was my last day taking the pill. We had unprotected sex the 9th, and it happened to be my normal ovulation time. So far, and I know it’s still early, I have no signs of breakthrough bleeding or AF. I’ve heard that ovulation can occur right after stopping the pill, so I’m stuck wondering if I ovulated right after. Sperm can live for up to 5 days in the body, so if I ovulated right after stopping, then do I have a chance of getting pregnant? Does not taking the pill for very long increase my chances? I appreciate any help or any experiences shared! 


  • Your bodys probably trying to regulate. You started pill then stopped and doubled ect. Its messed up. Plus stopping any form of bc can take up to a year for cycles to regulate. I stopped pill to concieve. It toon me 3 months. 

  • I could be just your body trying regulate on it's own. It van take up to 6 months for your body to get back to 'normal' but can be sooner. Who knows maybe u got lucky! I hear about people conceiving straight away coming off the pill. I have just been off it 2 months and have had a cycle of 29 and 31. Hope to start trying in March as want to try to get my body back to normality and for me not to obsess about conceiving whilst doing so! 

  • I really don't think pills affected you as much as you only took them for 1.5 months so you might ovulate same month or month after. Hard to say when exactly though. It all depends how your body responded to pills, what kind of pills you were taking etc. Good luck xx

  • Thank you! 

    I was on Femynor (sp?). My doctor prescribed me this one, it’s the type where you have the week of inactive pills in each pack, because I got pregnant on Amathyst (the extended cycle pill) in 2015. That pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 13 weeks but my baby stopped growing at 8 weeks, which is when I found out about the pregnancy and stopped the pill. 

    If I get pregnant soon, it’ll be our rainbow baby. It crushed us when the miscarriage happened and it took a long time to heal from that. I do know we are pretty fertile as a result of getting pregnant on birth control before though. 

  • Best of luck :)

    Sorry to hear that. I know how you feel, it's devastating. I miscarried twins earlier this year when they were 11+5 but now I'm 28 weeks pregnant again. hopefully you will see your BFP soon xx

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