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Another month passes...

Another month passes me by
Another period bang on time

I try to smile and say it's fine
But it's yet more tears that I have cried

It hurts so much each time I fail
Wonder if there'll ever be a happy ending to my tale

Two long years I have had to wait
Perhaps being a mummy is not my fate

Not sure whether just to call it a day
Stop trying, stop hoping, keep the dream at bay

After all, age is not on my side
But part of me still hopes the odds can be defied

We can't get free help, my partner already has two
And paying for treatment's not something I can do

So I will start again and wipe my tears away
Despite the upset it's the only way

It's another new cycle, another chance to try
Maybe next time it'll be my turn for two lines

To all those out there who are finding it tough too
I send my thoughts and lots of baby dust to you


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