hi I’ve been ttc for nearly 2 years now I’ve been to my gp an I’ve had blood tests the day 21 an then the 7 days before an she said they came back normal an I was ovulating but I’m still not pregnant has anyone else been thro this I’ve been off the depo injection 2 years now it’s so upsetting 😪 please any info would be great 


  • Hi there - not been trying as long as you. 14 months and also had 22 day bloods done and all fine. im booked in to see fertility specialist next week but have had to wait months for this. It's very upsetting. And I feel very lost. I'm 38 and although it's not old I know I've past my peak... so just got to keep being positive. Sorry I can't help much but I can empathise. 

  • It’s awful although my Gp said no further action needs to be taken i know they say don’t stress too much about it but it’s hard not to I’ve alre got a little lad well he’s 11 so I can’t understand why I’ve not got caught yet if there’s no problems I wish you all the luck though x

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