Am I pregnant?


Hey 😊 my husband and I have been trying to conveive for about 6 months now, i have just taken a test & got this result. Is it positive? 


  • Yes of course :). Congratulations x

  • The line was so faint! I just didn’t want to tell my husband & I hadn’t read it correctly! Thank you so much xx

  • Ha ha that def doesn’t look faint to me! If I have a look at others they are really faint. That’s a def positive. Congrats. :) line should maybe go darker over the coming days xx

  • imageimage

    Same issue not sure if this is a positive ????

  • That looks like a faint positive  me! How many dpo are you? X

  •  i think around 10dpo now but I took the tests and pictures 2 days ago but dont want to take another test until weekend x

  • Those look like positives to me! x

  • Ok so I went to the doctors this morning and they asked me to do a test & at First she said it wasn’t showing as positive but when she showed me the rest there was a faint line there that got darker just before I left. I’ve to Go back in a week and do another but it’s left me doubting myself even though I’ve had 2 positives at home x

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