Chart help! O day unsure. No af yet


hi ladies 

just wondering if anyone can have a look at my chart and help please :)

I do have sore boobs and a little nausea. bfn on ic yest norm. i usual have a luteal phase of 13 days. So I can’t work out of af is late  Or I ovulated later  My app goes from cd14 cd16 to cd21 for ovulation. 

im sure I had a positive opk on cd13/14 but I don’t seem to have recorded it. Sigh. If I don’t use the dip temp my ff says ovulation the 16. If I do it says 21. If I add the opk it say 14. 

so just wondering if anyone can help at alll. I normally (according to app o around 15-18. )

been ttc 6 months. 

Thanks ladies. Driving myself mad. 


  • I would say CD16 but I'm no expert!! Xx

  • Or even cd18 ahhhh

  • Thanks char09 that’s what I originally thought. Hard to tell Isn’t it. 

    If it was 16. Then I had a bfn 14dpo. But af was due 14dpo and she hasn’t arrived. xx

  • They say you need 3 consecutive days of a temp rise after ovulation so that's what I read from your chart! (I think if it counts if it stays the same temp as well one day)

    Is your ovulation usually this time of the month? I say this as my lutheal phase changed by a couple of days last month randomly as I ovulated a day later! Hope you get a BFP!! XX

  • Yes I think so. but it varies between 16-18 I’d say. Last four have been 16,18,15 and then this One which I think is 16. So I’m not hundred percent sure  

    My Lp is normally13 days 

    im questioning because of the bfn on day 14dpo but no af. 

    Thank you. :) so confusing and hard isn’t it xx

  • Very confusing 😫

    Either you may have ovulated later and that's why AF seems late or that BFP is gonna take a bit longer to show! My fingers are crossed for you xx

  • Thank you. I’m hoping for a late bfp  But I okie there’s a cha maybe I ovulated day 18 maybe too ? Xx 

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