11DPO and cramps?!


Hello, I'm experiencing some light cramping in my lower stomach! Could this be implantation cramps? I never usually cramp until the first day of AF!!! Good sign or bad?! I've also been VERY nauseous and have been urinating literally all the time!! And I'm always hungry :/ and my back is so so sore. My nipples are also hurting so bad and

I have a constant headache. TIA

(here are some of my tests!)


  • Hard to tell with the tests as you arent supposed to take them out of the casing. 

    Wait 48 hours and test again with a pink dye test if you can if your period hasn't arrived. Could just be too early to pick it up.

    As for the cramping unfortunately there is no given answer - our bodies can do all sorts of things we don't expect. It could be something. It could be nothing

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