Is there a line?! Going mad. Need to start progesterone when bfp


hi ladies. 

So im a bit confused this month. I think I ovulated day 16. Making me 16dpo. I usually hace a luteul phase of 13 days (ish) making af 2 days late if I O on day 16. 

Temps still high 

Taken a ic today and I don’t know If I can see a line! Same test just different lights x

please can someone help as I’m meant to start progesterone when I get bfp for reoccurring miscarriAge. But I don’t want to start pro if it’s not and just delay my af. 

ive attached preg test and chart! Any help would be great! Xx 


  • Hi Lucy think I see a vfl in the 1st pic. Was it fmu maybe try a first response test to be sure ? Sorry to hear about previous loss...Fx for u x

  • Hi. Thanks for replying. I really just can’t tell. Its because my temp is still high and have sore boobs. Not majorly. But mornally I don’t have any soreness with af. 

    Do you think I can do a fr test this afternoon if I get one on lunch break or should I stick to fmu xx 

    tHank you , I think having losses makes you more worried etc  xx

  • Try not to drink for a few hours before testing an really hold your urine and you should be fine to test this afternoon, good luck 

  • Agree with loz27 u should be fine to test this afternoon I did my 1st test in the afternoon as couldn't wait any longer they only recommend fmu as it's stronger then. X

  • Ok. I’ll grab another test on my way home. Least that way I’ll know whether to start progesterone or whether af is just late this month. 

    Congrats on your bfp was it recent or XX 

  • Hi Lucy, got my bfp 7th Jan so still early days with baby #4 fx all goes well for us both x

  • image

    Hi ladies. 

    Well ive just  taken a frer one and this is the result!

    ive just quickly started taking the progesterone , do you think this is quite light for 16dpo ?

    am I too late with the progesterone xx

  • Congrats Lucy, could be a little fainter as not fmu or maybe ovulated later than u thought ? Test again in a couple of days and should be darker.  Can't really advise on the progesterone but u have a bfp now so u can only start now. Fx it all goes well for us both now x

  • fingers crossed for both of us then. 

    It is possible I ovulated later. I couldn’t make up my mind between 16,18 and 21. Ff said 21 only due to 1 temp drop. 

    Timing for bd if it was 21 wasn’t great , so guessing on 16 or 18

    imageWhat  do you think xx

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