Metallic taste in mouth

ive been having this metallic taste in my mouth for the past 3 days constantly and I’ve heard that it’s an early pregnancy symptom. I’m currently 10 DPO and took a pregnancy test today which was a BFN. Has anyone else had this?


  • Hi

     I had metallic taste both times when fallen pregnant, first time was with my little girl and Sadly second time ended in MC. Trying to conceive again but no metcalic taste this month so expecting a BFN next week! 

    Fingers crossed for you 

  • Hi,

    its a weird taste isn’t it! I’m sorry to hear that. Good luck ttc this time! I mentioned this taste to my sister who said she’s only ever had it when she’s been pregnant. But I’ve heard that taking prenatal vitamins can also cause that but I’m not sure?

    sending lots of baby dust to you 

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