Is this a positive ovulation test

Hi this is my first time using ovulation test, we have been ttc baby number 2 for 13months with no luck. Does this look positive or not? Thanks in advance image


  • Usually with a positive opk the lines Have to be the same colour, I would say try again tomorrow but it looks like it’s on it’s way! 

  • Thanks Sarah, it's so confusing I've been having like 33/34 day cycles and this is cycle day 18. Does that seem quite late to be ovulating ? 

  • Hmm I’m not actually sure! I have 30 day cycles and I ovulated on the 3rd Jan, and just got my BFP on the 16th! 

    I was on like cycle day 20 when I ovulated so I don’t think it’s late! just make sure you don’t wait for a positive test to dtd, doing it a few Days either side of it helps as well! 

  • We dtd quite regularly so it's really frustrating were still trying, both my sister's have fallen in the 13month I've been trying and one is due in a week so makes it a little more sad for us.

    Huge congratulations on your bfp hope all goes well! 

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