Smiley face on clear blue ovulation

hi everyone, 

i am am new on here however have been reading through your posts for a while & have been a great comfort to myself. I am trying to conceive baby no 2 my daughter is aged 13. I  had 3 miscarriages in past praying for a miracle. I came off pill last February my miscarriages have been throughour past few years when I was on & off pill. Today I got a smiley face on my ovulation test we have dtd just wondering if anyone can recommend how many times we should try during this time, thanks for reading 


  • Try as much as you can! Is it the high and peak fertility it tests for? 

  • Thank you for your reply looks like a busy weekend for us then 🤣🤞 yeah its the high fertility so it says when you get smiley face you don’t have to test again & that the next 48 hours are peak time. The last pack I had done the flashy smiley face but this 1 doesn’t seem to do the flashy 1

  • Hi,

    i have just used this pack for the first time today and it came up with a smiley face. I was quite shocked. But it’s not a flashing one. Are there two tyoes of tests you can get. And also does This mean Im At my highest or the peak. Slightly confused here so any help would be great . Thanks ladies x

  • Hi Diamondk2010, my pack didn’t have the flashing face either, that’s a different pack. The solid face that you have means your at your highest so time to get busy lol I can confirm this definitely works as Im delighted to say I got my positive this month after I posted so feeling very blessed. Best of luck xx

  • Lmc- that’s amazing news. Congratulations.xx. 

  • Thank you Emj3 I feel so lucky ! We had been trying for a year but only using the clearblue kits twice we were really lucky to time it so well last month. Best of luck to yous all xx

  • Lmc that’s great news - huge congratulations to you. 

    Diamondk there are 2 types of clear blue opks. there is clear blue digital which just shows your 2 peak days (solid smiley) I believe they are pink. And there is clear blue digital advanced which show 2 high fertility days (flashing smiley) and your 2 peak days. The advanced ones are purple.

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