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Anyone want to join me in the Feb TTC train??



  • Hello my lovely :) I'm not quite out for this month yet.. CD23/28 But just read your story and really wanted to reach out. I am so sorry to hear about your mc. I miscarried myself in March 2017 and me and my SO have only just started trying again since September 2018 so know to a degree what you're going through. Hopefully we can muddle through this journey together as it can feel quite lonely at times!!  

  • Hey babynumber3! 

    I am so sorry about your MC. This must be so hard :( 

    I am TTC baby number 2 and AF started yesterday so I am more than happy to start this February journey!

    Happy to chat whenever if you need me 


  • Babynumber3 - she's 19 months and this week has just  started sleeping through 😅

    I will be going into my 5th month TTC now! I'm going to try and track properly 

  • Hey sorry for my late reply I've had a hectic day at work (in which my daughter comes with and causes utter mayhem) 😂 

    Yeah I think it would be a great age gap! 

    Have you ever tried the cheap ovulation strips? A shop near me sells a 5 pack for a like a quid 😂😂

    Yeah you just need to take this month as it comes no pressure and see what your body does. Like you said then you have a starting point. How are you feeling XX 

  • Good morning, how are you today? 

    That's good about the cheaper ovulation strips thank you! Oh I really hope so! I'm nervous though! 

    Seriously I'm here to chat to whenever! Off work now till Monday so message away 😂 as long as your coping ok? I've been cleaning all morning but I feel really good for getting it done! 

    My AF is due to finish tomorrow, yay! So can start tracking! 

  • Hi all, hope you don’t mind me joining the TTC train. I’m on 4th month of ttc (currently in 2WW) after a MMC at 10 weeks last june 2018. We already have a wonderful 23 month old boy. Sorry to hear of your losses. It’s so hard to move on and stay positive. Its nice to have people to reach out to and chat though instead of boring my husband every day with “when do you think we will have another?”. I’d love another one ASAP and worry about my age and also reason for mc which I know was probably nothing. I’m just 35. X

  • Hey ladies... can I jump onboard too 😀

    i am TTC baby number one. Four years of unsucessful trying with my ex. 

    been Ing my other half a year now and we sadly had an unplanned twin pregnancy in July last year. (Massive shock!) but we were over the moon. Sadly miscarried in sept last year. 

    Now we are on month four tww after I had my procedure late sept (MVA) to remove the remaining pregnancy tissues. 

    I am so desperate to conceive again... seems odds are stacked against me. I’ve tested with both OPK and basal temp... I’m definitely ovulating - but still nothing. 

    im not out yet this month... but I’m also not very hopeful. 

    So sorry to hear of all your loses. But also happy to hear some of you have little ones already, and they will soon be joined by BFPs. ❤️


  • Hey ladies. 

    February is officially going to be our first month trying for baby number 1 this year. My period is irregular so hard to find my ov window and when iv tried ov sticks, i just get so dissapointed when i get a negative :( 

    Any tips?  Xxx

  • Aww this is so nice that people are joining!! 

    Baby number 3- that's amazing you work from home! I'd love that! My washing bsxjet is always full 😂

    Wiggly- so sorry for your loss :( I'm on month 5 TTC let's hope this is all our months :) what cd are you XX

    TTC & Sophie welcome! Hope you have a lucky month :) are You tracking ? I've never used ovulation tests before I'm going to try first time this month! With my first I just tested once a month until I found out and it was the 5th month that I conceived ! I can't believe I only tested once a month !this time round I'm testing like 2 weeks solid 😂😂😂 every month 

  • Hi ladies

    can i join?

    just had our results today for my bloods and partners semen analysis - all come back normal. Dr now saying another 6 months till we can get any more help/a referral. So broken and gutted xx

  • Hey babynumber3story

    weve been trying for 13 months now. No im not sure how to chart, i tried ovu sticks but its hard to keep up with it at work. So just going off my flo app really xx

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