Any advice, bad cramps after BFP


was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences ... 

i Had 2 positive tests yesterday first thing, very early at 8/9dpo. Both quickly showed a positive result although where both faint due to the early testing (I don’t have much self control) 

ive had 5 days of on/off cramping, just like period pains. Some times they are dull other times they are very sore. 

Have not tested today as I wanted to wait a few days, but I’ve been very crampy all morning, hands are shaking, feeling really sick and weak and now one big spot of brown sticky discharge. (Sorry TMI) 

im feeling that things could be ending all before they began. I didn’t have any thing like this during the start of my last pregnancy (or pregnancy before which ended at 13 weeks) 

i know time will tell but just to hear if Anyone had any similar stories that ended well? 


  • I'd say it's perfectly normal, all of it :) also you've been very lucky that you didn't get any last time!

    I've had really bad cramps and everything seems fine now at 28 weeks. I felt even worse early on during my first pregnancy (sadly ended in miscarriage too), it was twin pregnancy, I think that increased level of hcg makes it worse. Who knows, maybe you are expecting more than one this time? It would explain how did you get positive so early :) Good luck xx

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