Help - is it possible I could have conceived at this time?

Morning Ladies,

I've been trying for app. 5-6 months now with my lifelong husband... and something happened to me on December 25 this year and it could changed my life for ever.

Cylce for December: Finish my period on nov. 30th 2018 and ovulated from dec. 13th to dec. 20th.
Cycle for January: Started my period on Jan. 1st to jan. 5th. and supposed to ovulate from jan. 17 to jan. 23 (tomorrow) but all ovulated tests came back negative.

My question is .. is it possible that I've conceived on dec. 25 even though I got my period on Jan. 1st?


  • Ovulation tests**

  • I'm not going to ask what happened but are you ok?

    I'd say not pregnant. 

    If your ovulation happened earlier that month already chances are extremely slim. If it was normal period, few days heavier bleeding not spotting - chances extremely slim. Also normally women with very short luteal phases, less than 10 days have got difficulties with getting pregnant so 7 days luteal phase would be really short so again, chances extremely slim. 

    Ovulation tests are not very accurate, they register LH surge but won't tell you when you're actually ovulating and it can happen that during some cycles no egg is released and there is nothing to worry about.  

  • I will be..

    And Thanks this is very reassuring for me, I needed to hear this.

    But don't get me wrong I can't wait to be a mom with this amazing man with whom I share my life with. He makes the monsters go away.

  • If u have had a period after the 25th then no u won't be other wise u wouldn't have  one on c I would advice getting std checks done if what happened is what I think happened. If this is the case I hope the scumbags gets what he deserves but however traumatic don't  let it ruin ur life. Be strong and stand strong because the only weak person is him not u xxxx

  • *wouldn't have come on. That meant to say xxd

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