Anyone on their 2ww want to chat while were waiting? X

Im 4dpo today ive a 26 day cycle so im due af in 10 days. Thought id check if anyone else is around the same and can help pass the time symptom spotting lol xx



  • Me im due around 2nd Feb but hoping not to come on haha xx I hate this 2ww

  • Hey im due on the 2nd too 😊. Have you been trying for long? This is my first month although i already have children but this time its planned lol. Have you any symptoms x

  • This is my 6th month ttc since I lost my baby girl during pregnany xxx it took 2 years to fall with her so I am hoping it won't take that again lol xxx I always have tiredness and sore boobs from ovulation so it is so hard to tell. What about u? Xx

  • Aww so sorry to hear about your little girl. I get one sided pain durin ovulation and aore boobs the day after. But today ive been so exhausted its really out of the norm for me. Ive been having lower backpain that is constant no matter what i do. Very strange. Have u been having any changes in your cm? Xx

  • Thank u hun. Yes it literally slimed outta me on ovulation haha but same as y really x very tired all the time  and sore nipples x I'm hoping this is our month when shall we test lol xx I'm gonna get cheap ones x

  • Hi ladies I’m 6dpo due af on the 1st, fingers crossed for us all x

  • Hey loz27 😊 how are you feeling? im gonna test on wednesday that will be the earliest i think. I have cheap ones here to use first and if i get a faint then il test with first response. The days are dragging. Im the same today with backpain and its still like ewcm its so strange it just hasnt really went away since ov xxx

  • I did have quite a few cramps but had nothing for a few days,a part from lower back pain I just feel normal but then I felt normal when I got my last bfp (ended in mc) I’m not sure when to test last time I waited til day of af and only got faint positive with cheapies x

  • With my last wee boy i tested the day af was due and only got a faint positive too i just know il not be able to wait that long lol. I dont remember having any symptoms then. X

  • Hi ladies, glad to have found this group amongst my mindless searching for symptoms - even tho I’ve done it a million times before- what new symptoms do I expect to find?! I promised I wouldn’t do it this month. My AF is also due around 2nd Feb and I’m 4 dpo. Not convinced of any symptoms This month. but that could be because I have been so convinced in previous months and it amounted to nothing! Actually- had tons of CM, to an embarrassing level the last couple of days. Is that one? Also- little occasiona twinges. Surely too early. And isn’t CM common in 3rd week of cycle as progesterone increases? The 2WW is sheer hell! It’s our 4th month of trying after a MMC last June. We already have a 23 month old boy. I’m so impatient. Would love to know how you all get on and outcome this month for us all? its nice to chat to likeminded People instead of boring my dh every night with “do you think we are this month?” 🤔😬

  • Hi wiggyloo in regards to the cm i think what they say is that its maybe chance of pregnancy if its unusual for you. My cm has now changed to a milky white. Ive actually just left a urine sample in with the dr to check if i have a uti cus my back is annoying me so she said to ring in an hr n il find out x

  • Hey girls I'm currently 8dpo I think I O'd on the 16th and af is due on the 31st or so. I'm on my 9th month of TTC and I'm hoping not to go into 10. 

    Do any of your girls chart your temp??

  • Hey eclipsa no i dont chart my temps i usually just go by how my body feels and the ewcm. Fingers crossed this is your month. How are you feeling x

  • Hi eclipsa yes I chart my temp :) x

  • Loz27 what does your chart look like so far if you don't mind sharing it would be cool if we could compare :)

    Danik1989 I've been feeling pretty average my breasts aren't as tender as they were at 2/3dpo I haven't noticed any symptoms but it's still a bit early

    This is my chart so far


  • Hi ladies, I am 6 dpo & due on 3rd feb been trying for a year come feb xx

  • My cover line is quite high this time, I use fertility friend app but it’s on my iPad so I will post a pic when I’m home from work, I missed 2 days of input though as we went away last weekend x

  • I'm not sure but I think AF just started and it's a week early?? I definitely got a positive OPK on the 16th I guess I am officially going onto month 10 😞 I've never had such a short cycle before... Only 25 days??

  • Eclipse is it a proper period? U can get implantation bleeding a few days before u are actually due xx  I symptom spot and it's same every month and i always get my period in fact the only month I didn't symptom spot I was actually pregnant haha x

  • Yea it could be implantation if its not heavy like a normal period x

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