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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • Our body can play horrible tricks on us at times Flowers.  I can only hope that's breakthrough bleeding. Fx

  • looks like af just decided to be 3 days late this cycle, or I’m probably still healing from the miscarridge, should of expected or really but I felt how I did with my first bfp plus being late. So annoyed with myself I got my hopes up and oh said he thinks I was pregnant so think he will be disapointed aswell. Just had a big cry lol xxx

  • Oh no Flowers, so sorry to hear! It is disheartening every time... I have been in the same limbo.. Weird, super light periods. It made me anxious and I was wondering what the heck is wrong with me... That's when my doctor reassured me and said it is normal for the body to take its time to get back to normal even after an early mc.. Last period was slightly heavier than previous months of spotting only, so I am hoping I am back to normal... 5 months after it happened... Good luck Flowers, stay strong xx

  • Thanks billy, it means so much getting support from you girls! Made myself feel better by telling myself I’m going to get some chocolate tonight and not think about the diet 😂 

    before I fell pregnant the first time I finally got to the stage where I stopped thinking about ttc as much and since being pregnant and having the miscarriage it hasn’t left my mind! I need to get back into the mind set of what I had before xxx

  • So sorry Flowers. Binge away,  you deserve it. 

  • Exactly, spoil yourself a little, you deserve it! :) And try to throw away all your preconceptions about ttc and start fresh! Forget about how many months you've been trying, and just loosen up about all the tricks and food that'll help you conceive.. Just live in the moment this new cycle and clear your mind! I've been doing that (more or less), this cycle, and feel pretty stress-free! Not symptom spotting also helps a lot! xx Good luck!

  • Good advice Billy. Saw this and tot, yeah that's right. Need to break the cycle.


  • Haha Giegie! Good find! How are you? Where are you in your cycle now?

  • That’s my plan billy just forgot about ttc and enjoy life a bit more!xxx

    giegie that is a good photo might have to save it to keep looking back on xxx

  • Hi Billy, doing ok. 7dpo today. I started taking ubiquinol this cycle to help with egg quality. Also trying to chill and not symptom spot but a bit difficult cos the ubiquinol may have heightened my usual mild symptoms 🤔. How about you? Can't remember if AF is late yet for you. Still testing on the 24th or was it 26th?

  • Oh Flowers I'm so sorry. I definitely deserve a big big slab on chocolate lovely. Sending big hugs xx

    Giegie I love the algorithm!!! So apt for what we go through every month. I found I had little PMS last month with ubiquinol and I'm not sure if it made me ovulate earlier this cycle. I'll keep going with it though. Hoping them symptoms are because you're about to get your bfp. FC for you 🤞🤞 xx

    Billy glad you've chilled this cycle. Xx

    It'll be interesting to see when AF arrives for me this month so I can work out what happened with my cycle. OH wants to carry on DTD just incase I haven't ovulated (we normally take a breather after I've ovulated) but I took my temp this morning and it's higher than yesterday's. For now im going with the idea that I have a month off symptom spotting and can relax. I will be refreshed ready to try again next cycle 👍😊

  • What a group of chilled ladies we are haha :)

    Way to go Giegie for turning a blind eye on symptoms! Anyway, anything before 10dpo, probably is just progesterone rising as normal. I hope ubiquinol will give you that little helping hand you've been needing! I am only 9dpo today, so no testing until missed af, which is due next Wednesday (the 27th).

    Sas, I love you and your dh's positivity! Nothing a little extra loving can't help with! haha! Ubiquinol sounds like it starts working pretty much right away, which is amazing! Keep it up! :)

    We have covered our fertile window better than previous cycles this time around. We got cd12,13,14,15.. I really hope it did the trick and we caught the egg! I am really longing for pregnancy!!

    Happy Thursday!

  •  Thanks ladies.  Baby dust us all.

  • Happy Friday ladies!

    10 dpo (Finally!) for me! The week went by so slowly it seems!

    I don't spot any symptoms aside from being tired and wanting to go back home to be lazy. Since yesterday, I've had a very dull cramp in my right groin, and yesterday in was in my lower back a little bit. I have been feeling a little bit wet, but it is dry when I wipe. I know it is still early for any symptoms, as the egg might have only implanted yesterday or today (if we caught the egg), so I will not pay too much attention to it until next week!

  • Morning billy! Fx for you lovely hope is your month!xxx

    i feel a lot better today just decided not even going to bother thinking about it or pushing to dtd and act like I’m not even ttc so hopefully I can keep it up and relax more lol! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend ❤️Xxx

  • Hi girls I'm in hell and feel so alone so I took some tablets the other day to help me miscarry got told that they may take up to 48hrs to work but it has not I rang the epu today and they are now saying it can take up to a week and won't do anything b4 Wednesday and then may book me in for d&c so I have to just carry in with the baby still inside me 😭😭😭

  • Oh trying that so so awful there are no words to describe what you are going through! I know it’s easy to say but try and stay strong and come on here to talk as much as you need and if you need to cry have a good cry! I must of cried for about a week! Sending you so much love and hugs ❤️❤️❤️

  • Oh trying, what a heartbreaking time! I hope you have lots of support from your oh. Stay strong and brave. We are all here for you! I am also sending you a lot of love and hugs!! I'll be thinking of you! Try and relax as much as possible! xx

  • Trying I'm so sorry that you are going through this. You are in my thoughts. Stay strong lovely lady and come on here anytime we will be here. I can't even begin to imagine what you are feeling. My heart bleeds for you. Xx

  • Hi, oh Trying I can’t inagine how that must feel but sending love and hope for staying strong xx

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