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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • Flowers, it sounds really positive! Especially because it is different from what you usually feel! If I remember well, you had thigh ache before your bfp :) I have my fingers crossed for you and sending lots of positive vibes! xx

    "The absence of discharge or dry cervical mucus in early pregnancy is rare. If conception was successful, you are more likely to find the same thick, clear or creamy cervical mucus after ovulation and before ovulation."

  • Hmm new name, that could be fun Billy. Now what shall we call ourselves?🤔
    "Sisters of the BFP"
    "Ladies of hope shall never die"
    "We want babies NOW"
    "Plodding along😤"
    I'm all tapped out. I dare you lovelies to find a more dignified name 😙
  • Thanks billy, don’t know whether it’s best to buy a cheap test for £1 tomorrow or Friday just to get it out of the way with and I’ll know my answer xxx

    i like “WE WANT BABIES NOW” 😂😂xxx 
  • I'd say go with the cheap test! Any test after missed af is fair game :)

    I also like We want babies now!!

  • Do you think tomorrow or Friday if still no af?xxx
  • So "We want babies now" is the front runner for now.
    Flowers- if you can wait, Friday would be best, especially with a FRER. It would be lovely to see a very strong 'I'm pregnant' line the first time so that you don't have to worry about line progression so much. But if you can't wait,  a cheap ic could do for tmrw. Good luck hun.
  • Giegie is right, especially if you ovulated later, you might still get a faint line tomorrow.. Better to wait 2-3 days late I suppose! I was late 2 days last cycle, so I know I will wait at least 3 days to test this time.. I felt silly to wipe blood after using the test.
  • I may still leave it till Saturday then as then I would be 3/4 days late by then, just have to wait and see what happens but I’m so impatient lol xxx
  • Hope af doesn't show before Saturday Flowers!! Exciting time xx

    I am getting so impatient! I really hope for our bfp soon! 9 month ttc seems so long! I'll see in 9 days if af shows up or not.. Flowers, you must have a lot of will power to not test yet!

  • Billy I know what you mean I want to be pregnant again so bad! The thing that puts me off testing now is seeing a negative so i just keep telling myself af will turn up so I won’t be dissapointed when it does 😂xxx
  • I'm in work guys till Sunday with bad internet but I also like we want babies now 😁 and good luck flowers got all fingers and toes crossed for you xxx
  • Hi all, me again. Just wondering if you might have a some words of advice, or even a handhold for a new member over here. Her best friend has just announced she's pregnant, and after TTC for some time, she's having a tough time of it dealing. 
  • Flowers, I am the same, I'd rather get af than a blank negative test when you expect to see a positive. It is so unfair! Hoping for lots of luck for you! Do you feel like af is on her way at all or you can't tell? Excited to hear back from you tomorrow xx
  • I can’t really tell, getting a few little af feelings but don’t normally get that when she’s on the way xxx 
  • Good morning! Any sign of af today Flowers?

    Last night, dh and I had supper with friends and shared a bottle of red wine with them. We were home by 11pm. I woke up around 1:30am with a racing heart! I couldn't go back to sleep until it settled for what seemed like an hour later! And this morning, I feel so uncomfortable, like dizzy/bloated. It is not like I had a lot to drink (2 glasses).. but it is a sign that maybe I should stop drinking altogether for a little while, because it felt awful!

  • Good morning billy! No sign of af yet and I feel ok today other then just feel really tired! Maybe your body can’t handle drink since you don’t drink much, I’m the same I hardly drink but when I do I wish I hadn’t xxx
  • That does not sound good hunni maybe your right and need a break from drinking xxx

    Good luck flowers routing for you hope the witch has stayed  away xxx

    I thought I may have ovulated yesterday but just been the loo and had a lot more ewcm so no clue what is going on tbh had a lot of the good stuff over the last week and a bit so don't think it's to do with ovulating after all as only normally see it for about 4-5 days b4.....suppose time will tell what is happening just hate the waiting game xxx 
  • Yay Flowers, that is encouraging news! I know your af was 2 days late last cycle, let's hope she's not tricking you again! It is a good sign that you don't really have any symptoms!! Good luck!!

    Trying, I get creamy cm after o every once in a while, but not ewcm in big quantities. But I think it might be normal with the rise of lh and all!

    I actually have a lot of cm this cycle since about 3dpo. It feels like af is going to show any minute, it feels wet and gets in my underwear.. I am 7dpo today, and my breasts still feel sore (since 5dpo). I don't think I ever had sore breasts as a symptom this early in all 8 previous cycles.. it usually starts around 10dpo. Besides that, I feel bloated and big, like I gained 10pounds! I almost think that this is too much hormones/symptoms to be pregnancy...I just feel so uncomfortable...

  • All fingers and toes crossed for you flowers xxx

    Sorry sound thick but what does rise in lh mean? 

    Good luck with your 2ww hunni not too long to go now hope it leads to your bfp xxx 
  • Thanks girls, decided that if no af by tomorrow evening then I’m going to test and get it out the way with so we shall see I just hate waiting lol xxx

    trying ive never really had ewcm so I haven’t been able to use cm to tell ovulation that’s why I think I’m lucky I can feel it xxx 

    Billy I hope these are all good signs for you I wish we all get out bfps very very very soon xxx 
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