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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • luteinizing hormone (LH) is the hormone during ovulation, and progesterone is the hormone after ovulation. It's progesterone that brings all the fun symptoms until it drops when af starts.
  • Ok should have realised that's what your talking about 🤣🤣 xxx
  • Ok should have realised that's what your talking about 🤣🤣 xxx
  • Ok should have realised that's what your talking about 🤣🤣 xxx
  • Eheh Trying, I get them mixed up, I guess I was talking about progesterone anyway :P

    Talking about progesterone, I just read that it peaks at 7dpo, and then goes down if not pregnant. Well it would explain why I've been getting the swollen sore breasts, bloating, and cm already! Definitely not pregnancy related this early on. So now, it'll make it impossible to symptom spot.. I guess if it keeps getting worse, it might be a good indication.. Anyone else cursed with early symptoms in the first week of the tww? It seems to be the first time for me, which might mean that I'll get a thicker uterine lining??? I feel like I know nothing anymore, everything is always changing!!

    I think I'll have to spend the next 7 days away from here, or I'll lose my mind writing about my symptoms!

  • Billy I was the same last month and I thought I was pregnant especially with being 2 days late, although I didn’t feel ovulation last cycle so didn’t even think about that which was stupid of me! Xxx
  • Thanks Flowers.. not good then... I guess, I will stop being hopeful and assume it is not a good sign, so I can stop thinking about it.. so annoying the tww!
  • It’s the worst when you have symptoms cos you can’t help but think! The tww in this cycle I didn’t have no symptoms till near af was due so I didn’t even think about it and it felt the tww went quick! However I hope they are all goods signs for you and we both get what we want very very soon🤞Xxx
  • I mentioned ages ago that symptoms before 7dpo are going to happen cos of progesterone and are not pregnancy related but didn't want to say again in case it came across as being funny i found that once I got that in my head the symptoms eased off a bit in the first week and I was able to ignore them for the most part I implanted on day 6 last time (I felt it) but still did not get anything really till day 8 or 9 hope that helps 😁😁 really hoping for some good news on here soon xxxxx
  • Thanks Trying for the info! I know implantation occurs on average around 9dpo and then it takes a couple of days for hcg to be produced, so really shouldn’t feel pregnancy until af.. I’ll remind myself that every time I want to analyze how I feel! 
  • No problem hunni it helped me when I realised it....the only reason I got a good line 13dpo is because I implanted early at 6dpo and I swear by the fact I felt it because it was soo weird lol wondering if I will feel it next time probably not 🤔 I have decided to be positive I will have my rainbow baby just don't know when xxxxx
  • I love the way you think: I’ll have my rainbow baby when it happens! No rushing it! :) No stress! I’ll stop obsessing until at least 10dpo :)
  • Today yes bit other days 🤔😂😂 xxx
  • I just revisited the archives of the conversation where I got my bfp to look at the symptoms I had! (Just because today I'm not going to stop spotting today and I needed the distraction!)

    Sept 26/8dpo: bloated, sore bbs, wet/creamy cm

    Sept 27/9dpo: certain smells bothering me, wet/creamy cm, happy

    Sept 28/10dpo: lazy, hungry, twinges, creamy/wet cm, moody, sore bbs

    Sept 29/11dpo: lazy, tired, craving salty, mild cramp, diarrhea

    Oct 1/13dpo: back/low belly cramp, wet/cm

    Oct 2/14dpo: no symptom, wet/cm

    Oct 3/day of af: no show, belly/back cramp but gone after going #2, wet/cm

    Overall: milder symptoms than previous cycles, tingly/itchy breasts for 2/3 days, wet cm feeling from o-day, more energy.

    There you have it! I am happy to have this to refer back to it.. However, by my estimate, I probably lost the pregnancy around 11/12 dpo, didn't miscarry until a week later.

  • I know we will all get our rainbow babies soon girls!❤️ Billy I wish I wrote down my symptoms with my bfp but I didn’t 🙄, I’ve had lots of wet clear cm and keep thinking af is here, I’ve had like no af like cramps today just still feeling tired (like I’ve been awake for days) spoke to oh and he wants to wait a bit longer to test since last cycle we thought I was pregnant but af showed up 2 days late so I guess I’ll just wait till end of the weekend take it from there xxx
  • Flowers, it sounds so promising! I'm sure you can't help but to be anxiously excited!! Check out the website countdown to pregnancy to see the statistics on symptoms for each day! It's addicting!

  • that’s a good idea billy might have to have a look now 😂 Just had some really life af cramp but looooads of wet clear cm xxx
  • Hi Ladies.. I’m hoping to join in your journeys of TTC. Reading some of the previous threads, it’s upliftng to see how much of support you have for each other... no one who is not in this situation can really provide that support as close as they may be to you.. I am just recovering from a MC .. was meant to be 10.5 weeks today but things did not work out... Any ladies on here TTC after MC? I have so many questions... I’ve been doing so much of research since and found some really good stuff online and hoping to share and swap tips with those who are on this journey. First thing I’d like to please check your TSH levels.. although normal levels are btw 0.4 and 4.5.. the safe level for woman TTC is <2.5 Mine was 2.83.. apparently 90% of woman who get the BFP have a level <2.5 I’ve jut got my GP to prescribe me levothyroxin as there’s so much of research that shows hypothyroidism is one of the main reasons woman struggle to get the BFP and sustain it... I wish I knew this before because the only thing more painful than a BFN is losing a baby you have been dreaming for (for as long as I can remember) I hope you are all well and wishing you all good luck in a journey that should be so simple and natural, but is really so so complicated... x
  • Hey Brody! Love the tips! Sorry if I sound ignorant but what is tsh levels? Best of luck to you! Mc is never easy! I had an early loss 6months ago. 
  • Hi Brody,  I'm so sorry for your loss. A couple of us on here are continuing TTC after MC. I had mine at 8 wks a little over a year ago and since had 2 non sticky BFP (a chemical pregnancy-although some don't like calling it that). The support on here plus family support is what keeps us going.
    You are absolutely right about TSH. Its advisable to have all fertility test done to single out a cause/causes or lack of it. Again,  so sorry for your loss. Fx you have your rainbow much sooner than later.
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