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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • Flowers-  Bless your OH. TTC doesn't just affect the ladies, especially if you have a caring man. Fx for both of you.
  • Hey ladies,

    Just checking in and catching up with all the posts. 

    Seems like there's a few in tww. Flowerw, Giegie and  all I have my FC for a of you 🤞🤞🤞

    Genebella sorry AF turned up. Enjoy your drinks. 

    Trying sending lots of love your way and hoping your cycle has returned all to normal. 

    I have really enjoyed the break but just wanted to pop in and touch base. Xxx

  • *Flowers, Giegie and Billy
  • Glad that you have enjoyed your break Sas. Your body must be loving the lack of ttc stress. And thanks. 

  • Morning girls!

    Sas glad to hear from you I’ve missed you lots! Lovely to see you’ve enjoyed your break and relaxed!xxx

    Brody a few of us girls have unfortunately suffered from a mc, I had mine on the 18th of December last year! Xxx

    Billy, trying and giegie hope you are all feeling alright!xxx

    Still no af for me so 3 days late, plan to test at the end of the weekend if still no af xxx
  • Morning guys 

    Flowers good luck hunni all fingers and toes crossed xxx

    Sad nice to hear from you hope all is well xxx

    Brody I had a mmc  9 weeks 2 days on 19th Feb and a D&C on 4th March so still waiting for my body to settle down everyone on here is lovely xxx

    Just gone on Facebook and my friend has put her 12 week scan up we both found out pregnant at the same time I was due 22nd and she is due 25th Sept feel like my heart has been ripped out sorry guys but know that you will understand I am so happy for her but why me eh xxxxx
  • Totally understand how you feel trying and there’s nothing anyone can say to make you feel better! Just know it will be you soon❤️ Yesterday my mum showed me a pic of my cousins baby bump and seeing that just made me so angry and upset xxx
  • Thought I was doing ok considering but seeing her scan pic really hurt I'm at work so just went to toilet had a little cry and now got my fake smile on thanks flowers knew you would understand xxx
  • Sending you virtual hugs trying! Have a cry and hopefully you will feel better, I feel it’s always best to have a cry if you need to get it out! I have my cousins baby shower in May which Im dreading to be honest xxx
  • Hopefully you will have a reason not too dread it very soon hunni 🤞🤞❤ xxx
  • We will see, thank you lovely 🤞xxx
  • Flowers, I'm so happy to hear your af hasn't shown up! How do you feel? Do you think this is it? :) Exciting time xx I'm excited for you to test!!

    Sas, it's so nice to have you back all refreshed and energized from your break!! We missed you :)

    Giegie how are you? When are you expecting af?

    I am on cd22, 8dpo today. I feel good! I was pretty lazy last night, I skipped my swim practice and didn't do any of my cleaning/tidying at home.. I don't feel any symptoms anymore, or barely. I'll take it! Anyway, as we discussed yesterday, anything before 10dpo should probably be disregarded!

  • Billy I feel so nervous and excited, I feel like this could be it as this morning I’ve not stopped weeing! But also so nervous to see a negative test, might try and persuade oh to test today cos I think I’m gunna to crazy over the weekend xxx

    got my fingers crossed for you billy I reallt hope we all get our bfps this cycle, imagine getting them all at the same time lol xxx
  • Aww Flowers, it really sounds good! So happy for you!! I hope you test today, I am anxiously waiting to find out if you have your bfp!!
  • Thanks billy, will let you girls know whether I test today or not xxx 
  • Either way, I hope I will have your patience if my af is late in 7 days! (Also, let's hope it doesn't come!!)
  • Spoke to oh and we are going to test later today! Since I’m 3 days late I just want to know what’s going on with me lol, I’ll let you all know xxx

    billy it’s verh difficult to be patient but I’m sure you can do it xxx
  • Fingers crossed for you Flowers! Cheers to a bfp! :)
  • Good luck hunni really do hope it's your bfp 😍 xxx
  • Thanks girls I’m so nervous! Will find out what’s happened one either way xxx 
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