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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • Hi apple, 

    yeah defo wait and retest.

    this waiting game is a pain in the ass! 
  • I just want to know either way!!! I hate waiting!! 
  • I know that feeling. Have you had many symptoms? 
  • Well the past four nights vivid dreams, three nights in a row waking up as needing to urinate. Also very gassy. Feeling AF style cramps earlier so hope the evil witch is noy on her way! Xx
  • Fingers crossed for you! x
  • Can you still get AF cramps and get a bfp? Xx
  • Apple, I had some little mild cramps before my af.. it didn’t feel like it was coming though! Besides cramps, I had really sore breasts from early on and felt bloated when I was waking up! Good luck xx
  • Apple for the last week I’ve had what I can only describe as mild cramps/bladder/uterus pressure.  So if I do end up with a confirmed BFP in a few days then yeah you can 
  • Good luck to you! Xx
  • But why does it feel that everyone around me is getting pregnant and babies are everywhere??!! Driving me mad 😂😂 xx
  • Ah i know the feeling! Another one of my friends announded her second baby today. Delighted for them obvs but I’m like seriously tho?! That’s 5 outta 9friends. 🙈
  • I’ve had 2 friends announce their pregnancies, driving me crazy!!!! Will all be us soon girlies ❤️ Baby dust to all xxx
  • Hefty hi ladies hope your all having a nice weekend. I’m cd27 today. No sign or symptoms of anything I don’t think, Af or otherwise. Had some spotting yesterday after bowel movement, but none today. Occasionally getting a super mild cramp feeling but nothing to write home about. Did a test this morn was bfn🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Don’t be disheartened....there is still time yet. Today I finally got a clear positive and even with the early ones the lines were that faint I though they were evaporation lines. I didn’t really have any symptoms other than mild cramps for the week before af. Fingers crossed for you! x
  • Thanks jetty. Hopefully that’s the case. 🙏🏼 Not gonn stress about it too much. Also I meant to say “happy weekend ladies” at the start of my last post not “hefty hi”as my phone corrected! 🙈
  • Think AF is on her way today. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Genabella is af show up? Fx if hasn’t and won’t xxx Jetty am I right to read you have for your bfp??? If so then congratulations lovely xxx Hope everyone else is ok! Xxx Af due in 5/6 days for me, not hoping for anything as only bd’d once during fertile window and haven’t had any symptoms or anything at all so far so just waiting for af to show up so I can move onto next cycle xxx
  • Hi flowers! Got my bfp on Saturday and safe to say no af so it must be true. I’m actually proof that it only takes one time. Me and the other half did it 3 days before expected ovulation (by my apps estimation) and clearly once was enough this time lol. Fingers crossed for you xx
  • Congratulations to you Jetty that is wonderful news! I normally feel ovulation and I haven’t this cycle so I don’t have my hopes up whatsoever and I’m relaxed more by it xxx
  • Hi flowers, yes she raised her ugly head today unfortunately. Ah well I wasn’t really putting much hope into this month as only managed cd 12 and 14. Hubby should have his semen analysis results back tomoro or wed and at least that’s another thing done. Hopefully they are ok .
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