Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • Fingers crossed for you genabella xx
  • Hi Ladies, just checking in and catching up. 

    Trying sorry to hear that AF turned up. FC for the next cycle. EhreW about are you in cycle at the moment? Xx

    Flowers as others have said it just takes the one time. FC for you. Xx

    Congrats Jetty and good luck to other girls waiting to ovulate or test. Xx

    I'm currently around 2dpo and hoping to continue my relaxed approach. I am going away to Cyprus in 3 weeks so I have something to keep me distracted. I'm all inclusive sonic AF arrives at least I can take full Xx

  • Hi ladies, 

    Jetty congrats hunni xxx

    Flowers good luck hunni hope you have caught the egg xxx

    Genabella sorry she visited hunni fingers crossed next month for you and good luck with tests xxx

    Sas hey hunni not spoke in a while, I'm on CD 8 and due to ovulate in 5 days time but I'm working away next two nights and both working Saturday so can only dtd two days before and on the day of ovulation but if it's meant to be..... 

    Hope everyone else is ok xxx
  • Hopefully it will work for u this month trying! Only takes one time. I have the most tender boobs today it’s very odd I’ve never experienced this before. Another new thing for me to symptom spot 😂
  • Omg I’m going to murder my husband. App at his SA app last Friday they arranged to call him on Monday just past, to discuss the results, well my dh didn’t catch on it that it was a phone consultation that was classed as an appointment. So now he can’t get his results until the 29th April! Men! 🙈🤦🏻‍♀️🤬
  • They are bloody useless arnt they lol hope the results are ok when you receive them hunni xxx
  • Ah I know i could have murdered him! Good job he’s away this week! I can tell believe it’s 2weks until they can squeeze him in for another phone call. 
  • Hi, can I join this discussion as well? Me and DH been ttc 5 months and nothing yet. I can't help but feel so defeated most days. It's so encouraging to read everyone's posts
  • Hi miss sunshine welcome! This is a great group to vent to and share with! 
  • Thank you Genabella! I'm happy to finally have a place to vent my frustration about this journey. 

    Question: I started using opk last month but have been using it off and on. How often is everyone using opk? Twice a day every day after period ends? Thank you
  • When I was using them I used to wait until around day 9/10 and start using them as u more than likely won’t ovulate before then. I always did first thing in morn as urine is strongest then. I used the clear blue digital ones so only needed to do once a day. 
  • Thank you for answering my question. I will start doing that next month as I am 7-9 days away from getting AF. Hopefully not but what are the chances
  • Thank you for answering my question. I will start doing that next month as I am 7-9 days away from getting AF. Hopefully not but what are the chances
  • Ah the two week wait is the worst! 😂 well u never know it’s not over until af shows up! Good luck! Keep us posted 
  • Thank you! Last month AF showed up 10 days late.  I was so bummed out. I'm getting tired of ppl asking if we're trying or if I'm pregnant.  My parents in law kept saying between me and my sister in law who will
  • Happy Easter everyone! Xxx

    cd 2 for me which I don’t mind as I expected af to turn up just glad she did on time! Past few cycles have been 29 days so it’s nice to have a regular cycle. Hope everyone is doing well xxx
  • Happy Easter ladies! Hope your all having a nice day and enjoying a few days off! We have fab weather here atm so taking full advantage of it!
  • Happy Easter everyone 😁 my app says I'm due to ovulate today but still having some twinges so maybe tomorrow managed to dtd friday night and this morning maybe get one more in tomorrow but if not hopefully covered xxxx
  • Happy Easter everyone! My calendar shows AF in 5 days. Me and DH has been dtd every over day. Hope this month will stick but I don't have a good feeling as I'm having period symptoms 
  • Miss sunshine what symptoms? as a lot of symptoms are the same for both unfortunately xx
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