Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • Backache, bloating , hungry all the time, little cramp here and there. I usually got all that before AF shows up
  • Yeah there the same for both them ones so don't write yourself off yet fingers crossed hunni xxx
  • Thank you Trying4number2now. I will continue to be hopeful with this process. How are you doing? 
  • Hello ladies and happy Easter! How fab has the weather been 😎

    Flowers lovely to see you being positive and great your cycles have gone back regular. 

    Trying looks like you've covered it well. FC for you and hope you magage to get another BD in. 

    Sunshine as trying said AF and pregnancy symptoms are very similar, you're not out until she shows up. 

    Hope you are well Genabella, where are you on cycle??

    I think I'm about 7/8dpo but have been so relaxed the last two months and not obsessing. It's bee lovely. 

  • Another pregnancy announcement in my friends chat this morn. A successful first round of IVF so needless to say I’m delighyed for my friend, does t take away the annoyance of it being someone else’s turn again. 
  • Hi sas hunni glad your more relaxed and really hope it's your month xxx

    Genebella hunni i know it's difficult but it will be your turn soon and someone else maybe a tad jeleous because they are still trying hope that makes sense xxx

    I'm either on ovulation day or 1dpo not too sure but dtd Friday and yesterday x2 maybe one more this evening and then I will relax week 1 and freak out week 2 🤣🤣 

    Hope everyone else is ok xxx 
  • Hi everyone. Hope everyone had a good Monday. Just got a BFN test. I'm 3 days away from a visit from AF.  Keep replaying in my head what I would do if the test turn out to be positive. *sigh*
  • Try not to over think things for the next few days, tho I know it’s easier said than done. Your not out til AF shows up. Fingers and toes crossed for u that she doesn’t this time!
    Thanks trying. I know your right, usually it doesn’t bother me, out of our group of 9 girls  6 of them are pregnant. It hasn’t really bothered me until now, somehow I can’t shake this one off as easily as the others. I know it’s selfish and I’m genuinely over he moon for my friend. I think even hubby is starting to feel it now. I told him yesterday about my friend and he said oh, so that juts leaves us then. He’s askin about how much IVF is, and suggesting I change my car to a more family friendly one so we’re ready! Wondering if it would do me some good to look into other things, reflexology, Mayan massages etc. Any of u ladies tried anything 
  • Hey hunni there is nothing wrong with being a little envious, my friend might be coming round this weekend for the first time since I lost the baby....she is the one that found out she was pregnant same time as me.....I only just about feel strong enough to see her and if I'm upset on the inside then as long as I'm not mean about it then that's ok does that make sense? We will all hopefully get our own sticky beans soon and we will be over the moon when we do. I have not tried anything massage wise maybe I should 🤔feeling quite chilled at the moment though it's next week ill start going crazy lol xxx
  • Yep ur right trying, Defoe allowed to be a little sad in the inside so long as we aren’t showing it to someone who’s so happy in their Moment. I decided to take advantage of finishing work early, hubby is away back to work and so I’m sat in he garden with a book and a G&T. Trying to relax my mind and body
  • That's fab hunni I'm at work boo hoo lol have one for me xxx
  • Hello Ladies, 
    Glad to see all is going relatively well for most. Welcome to the new ladies. 
    Update: My Dad has started the cancer treatment. We are hoping  and praying that he responds well to all his treatments. So still hanging in there.
    I really had to pick myself up and remain strong seeing as I'm starting my IVF next week Wednesday. I have heard that it can be both emotionally,  mentally and physically draining. I was willing to  postpone until his treatments are done, but he is very adamant that I start.  I guess it's the desire to  see his first grand child from me.

    Really hoping that none of you lovelies will have to go down the ivf route (especially if paying privately). So 🤞🤞 ladies. It's happened for millions of ladies, so it will happen for us.

    Congratulations Jetty.

  • Hi geige. Glad to see u back. Will say a prayer ur dads treatment goes well! I’ve had two out of my 9 friends do IVF since Xmas and both are pregnant first time around! It will work For u, there’s no room for negativity. 🙌🏼 
    One of my friends had her baby two weeks early today a lovely wee baby girl. It’s like baby fever in my what’s app group chat I’m going mad 😂
  • Hi giegie hunni I will pray for your dad hope the treatment goes well and I will also pray for you that the ivf treatment works xxxx
  • Thanks Genabella and Trying, really appreciate it. Will try and maintain the positivity. 
    🤞you will soon upload baby pics of your precious baby. Make sure to bombard them with all sorts of pics😘, poos and all 😉

  • Giegie lovely to hear from you, sending lots of hugs to you and your family and I really hope all goes well for your dads cancer treatment! And also hope your ivf goes well too!🤞🤞xxx 
  • Hi Giegie, I have your dad and your family in my thoughts. Good luck with the IVF. Are you starting the process next week or are you good to go for transfer? 

    Hope everyone else is good 😊10/11dpo for me so not long to go now. Xx
  • Good luck Sas hope it's your month xxxx
  • You too lovely. Hope the tww is kind. Xx
  • I'm in first week so no stress or symptoms of any kind yet 😁 going quickly to 3/4 dpo I'm glad as it always used to go really really slow xxx you any symptoms yet? Xxx
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