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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • hello ladies hope everyone is ok xxx

    giegie happy birthday sounds like you had a lovely day and glad af was good to you xxx

    sas I hope this is it for you and af stays away🤞Xxx

    trying hope your scan goes well lovely xxx 

    welcome all new ladies hope you are well xxx

    went out last night for my mums birthday and had a few drinks it was lovely to go out and have a laugh with friends and family I really needed it! And when I got home oh was up for some bding to make the night even better 😂 xxx

  • Giegie glad you had a good night, Love love love Japanese food! And you know me too well.. I tested today but BFN bit I'm not losing hope yet.... you're not out until the red last arrives 😁

    Ahh flowers sounds like you had a fab night and love you git to dtd too!! When are you due to ovulate? Xx

  • Best attitude to have sas1101, not out until af is here xx

  • Sas loving your positivity lovely I have everything crossed for you xxx 

    flo app says I’m due to ovulate today so will see if I get the usual ovulating pains later and hope it is today as bd at like 3am Sunday morning so should be covered 😂 if not then just got to hope oh wants to bd when/if I feel ovulation. I don’t tell him when I ovulate as he feels like It puts so much pressure on him xxx

  • Sounds like it's all covered Flowers and you never know a tipsy fumble may just do the trick. If I remember rightly didn't you conceive from a 2am fumble last time?? Lol. Love it. FC for you lovely 🤞🤞

  • Smith how are you this morning? How are the cramps? X

  • Hope everyone else is good. Trying keep us updated with your scan. Good luck hunni. Xx

  • Sas you are exactly right I did I forgot about that 😂 well we will see! I’m back to dieting and eating healthier now so should take my mind off ttc aswell xxx

    yes trying hope the scan goes well and everything is going as it should xxx

    hope everyone has a good day xxx

  • Thanks guys I'm going to be honest I'm soo nervous now as it's getting closer but will keep you updated xxxc

    Good luck with AF staying away Sas xxx

    Good luck with bding/catching the egg flowers xxx

    Hope everyone else is Ok xxx

  • Hello everyone, I’m good thank you sas, not really any pains at all which is a bit unnerving. I honestly feel like I’ve had so many pains over the week that it must be something but I did a test this morning and nothing :( 

    I am definitely going to the loo more, getting up twice in the night but I feel like it’s my true fmu when I try :/ must be 10dpo or 11dpo now so trying to stay positive xx

  • We're not out until she turns up Smith. FC for us 🤞🤞

  • Nice to know everyone is plodding along nicely. It's normal to worry and be nervous Trying, but I'm hopeful that all will be well hun. 

    Smith and Sas- Fx it's just a shy BFP for you ladies. I'm glad that you had a swell time  Flowers, and then topping it up with BD, how delicious. 

    My body is playing tricks with AF. Two days of heavy to medium flow and then very very little yday (more like spotting) and nothing so far today. Looks like I'll be having the shortest period days ever🤔. I'm usually at least 4 days of full flow. Keeping my eye on the situation. 

  • Yes smithy and sas as giegie said hopefully you will get a bfp in the next couple of days🤞🤞xxx

    giegie how many days has af been this cycle? i normally have af heavy/medium for a couple days then the last 2/3 days a little bit of blood xxx

    i think I am ovulation today my right thigh is aching and had some aching/pain in my right side of abdomen also I’m weeping So much today I’ve gone 3 times in the space of an hour and I’ve drunk hardly anything today does anyone else have this with ov?xxx

  • Flowers- just two days of full flow this cycle, it's normally 4 days and then bits for two days.  I've had the aches minus the weeping.  TMI - I have a shy bladder,  so going often is normal for me. Weeping may just be hormones hun...too much oestrogen?- sorry I'm not that helpful 😊. Fx the TWW goes quickly for you.

  • Thank you all :) 

    I have yummy ache now but am so hungry! I’m tempted to pick up a test on the way home but it’s probably silly to do it when I get home as I’ve drank lots. Plus it’s still early. I worked out which dpo I tested as positive last month with the chemical and it was 16 so a few days to go if I did the same this cycle xx

  • Hahaha....I meant tummy ache!!! X

  • Hi guys just to let you know I've had the scan and everything is as it should be I got to see and hear the heart beat which is emotional and I'm measuring exactly what I estimated to be 7 weeks 1 day I'm soo relieved xxx

  • That’s amazing news! Congratulations xx

  • Thanks giegie not even 100% sure I am ovulating as Haven’t felt what I usually would but defo been feeling some things today so could just be different aches this cycle xxx

    smithy let us know If you do test fx for you xxx

    trying so glad to hear everything is going as it should be I’m so relieved for you xxx

  • Trying that fabulous lovely to hear the heartbeat! So happy for you ❤️

    Smith well done for not giving into the urge. When do you think AF is due? After my BFN yesterday I'm not testing now and will wait to see what happens. FC for us 🤞

    Giegie could juts be a lighter AF this month, see how it goes. Hope all is ok. X

    Flowers my ovulation pains change every month in severity. If you're feeling something then my guess is it's impending. GL lovely lady. XX

    I honwhone think I've not caught the egg this cycle. I don't feel pregnant and have absolutely no symptoms to go on. It could be that the coq10 ive been taking for almost a month is working and helping with PMS which would be amazing in which case if AF arrived I shall be continuing. Xx

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