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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • Ah I tested with a cheap one from the internet and nothing :( but (sorry for tmi!) there was a bit of discharge when I wiped which I don’t often get. 

    Have people had this before a positive? X

  • Thank you guys xxx

    Good luck to everyone waiting to test hope the witch stays away xxx

    Smith I had some b4 I tested positive and have had quite a bit on and off since it's similar  to what I used to get b4 AF visited but more yellow than green xxx

  • Hi ladies. 

    Trying im delighted all is good for u!! Praying for a happy healthy 9months! 

    I’m just heading home from my weekend away. I mid way thru cycle and have had on and off bleeding for 5days now ranging from light pink colour when I wipe to blood in underwear’s and needed to put a tampon on one day. However today I have noticed super egg white Cm maybe better than I’ve ever noticed before, but it is still tinged with pink. I have been worried about the bleeding and yesterday I didn’t feel at all well(kind u the tapas and gallows of beer prob didn’t help) so we havent bd‘ed At all but think I’ll go ahead this eve And see what happenes. I’ve never had the bleeding before a d it has worried us a bit but I’m happy to see the ewcm today. 

    Hope everyone had a nice weekend! 

  • Just saw your wonderful news b4 turning in Trying.  I'm so happy for you hun. Congratulations again.  Now all you need to do is think positive all the way. All will be well. We hope to join you soon.  Keep us posted .

  • Morning all,

    Decided to test this morning so I could move on and as expected BFN so at 13dpo that's definitely me out. Just waiting for AF to arrive. 

    Happy bding to those waiting to ovulate and FC for those in the tww. Xx

  • On the plus side I've had a fairly PMS free tww which has been lovely. My boobs have only gotten sore today and I've had no cramping, backache etc 👍

  • Sas sorry to hear about your bfn, glad you are looking at the positives of a symptom free tww! Xxx

    genabella glad to hear you have ewcm and that you are feeling good about it xxx

    not sure whether to put myself in the tww or not, might give it a couple of days and see if I get the usual ovulation pain if not I’ll take it what I felt yesterday was ovulation (hopefully) oh wanted to bd last night... he seems to have a thing for bding in the early hours of the morning but least I’ll be covered for the next few daus if i do ovulate then. Only time will tell xxx

  • Thank you Flowers. Looks like you've got things covered and love your middle of the night fumbles (as I like to call them). Could be the way forward 😉. Have all my toes and fingers crossed for you. Xx

  • Sas- sorry to hear that you are almost out. We'll all continue to hope that the next cycle is the one. Planning to see if I can book a massage this Sat for OH and I. 

    Baby dust to all 

  • Thanks Giegie. Yes we always have hope for the next cycle and that's why we are strong ladies because we keep going. I'm determined this is going to happen! A massage sounds lovely and nice and relaxonr to do together (not a sports massage though, they're evil 😂). 

    Oh daughter is staying with us around ovulation next cycle so God knows how we will fit some bding in, I'm due to ovulate the day she leaves so I'll have to jump on oh then!! 

  • Giegie and sas you are both very right it does make us strong women ttc isn’t an easy journey! 

    Sas love the name midnight fumbles! It worked last time so hoping it works again very soon 😂xxx

  • How long is oh daughter staying for? You Might have to bd before and after!😂xxx

  • She's coming from the Sunday 17th until Tuesday 19th and app says I ovulate on 19th. She isn't coming until 2pm on the 17th so I could get one in that morning and then one in late 19th after work.The strategic planning of ovulation sex!!! 🤣

  • Sounds like you have it all covered! its got to be done hasn’t it 😂xxx

  • Morning ladies. Sorry to hear about the bfn Sas. 

    I didnt get to dtd last night after all we just so tired from travelling back and neither of us were in form for it, so we are out for this month as hubby is away from work now from today until Friday. 

    Have my Dr app next week any way so will see what they have to say. 

  • Sorry to hear that Genabella, hope you utilise your month off and get some much needed rest and come back next cycle ready for your bfp! GL at the GP hope you gets to the bottom of your recent bleeding. Xx

  • Aw Sas I am really sorry to hear that, are you sure that is it?! Last month it wasn’t until 16dpo I got a faint positive. 


  • Hi Smith, well they say you're not out until AF shows but at 13dpo I'd expect a hint of a line but the test was so stark white it was shiny!! Lol. The reason I think I'm out as I just don't feel anything. My cm normally goes wet/ stretchy a day before AF arrives so that'll be the tell tale sign she's coming. What about you hun? Anymore testing or symptoms? Xx

  • :( well I hope you’r ok 👍🏻 I’ve been reading about lots of people who have nothing atthag point but it can still happen so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. 

    I think 11dpo today, I have tummy ache again which I think is af but no sign yet. I’ve juts been using cheap internet tests so am tempted to go now and get a FRER as I haven’t used one of them. xx

  • Thanks lovely I'm ok, and already getting ready for next cycle. Have everything crossed for you. Let me know how you go of you decide to test. Xx

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