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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • sas1101sas1101 Regular
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    Trying I'm so sorry lovely. Sending lots of hugs your way. Xxx
  • Ah trying. Sorry to hear that. Sending hugs 
  • Sas- So sorry that she has finally turned up. I don't know where we get the mental strength to keep on trying cycle after cycle.
    Trying- so sorry to read this as well. Massive hugs. 
    Flowers and Gena- can't remember where you guys are in your cycle.  But hope you are keeping well. 

    Off to a meeting soon. Chat later ladies. 
  • Thanks guys dont know why its hurting more this cycle but it is just feel soo low xx
  • Trying sorry to hear af turned up, sending hugs to you xxx 

    been trying to get on this forum for the past 10 mins I kept getting those stupid ads about winning a visa gift card 🙄 never had them before with this website xxx 

    hope everyone is well xxx

    as for me just plodding along the tww, I have backache and some bloating today but not thinking anything of it xxx
  • Morning girls
    How is everyone? 

    Trying everything ok your end?

    Flowers hope the wedding goes well and you kick back and enjoy. 

  • Hey sas I'm not too bad still got strange symptoms but not too long to see gp now I'm on CD 3 so fertile window next week soon comes round eh hope your well? Xxx

    Hope everyone else is ok too xxx
  • Hi girls hope everyone is well! 

    Wedding was amazing apart from it was so so so so hot but think I may have lost 5 stone from the amount of sweat I produced 😂 xxx

    not sure if I felt ovulation this month so think I’m already out, af due on the 6th xxx
  • Hi girls,

    Trying hope you get it all sorted at the GP. It certainly does come around quickly. We must be very close in cycles again. CD 7 for me so due to ovulate on Saturday. Already have tons of wet/watery cm. 

    Flowers glad you enjoyed your party. I went to a wedding part last night too and my poor feet from all the dancing and heat were huge this morning. FC for you. Hope your bfp is around the corner. 


  • Hi Ladies,

    Flowers and Sas, I'm glad that you both enjoyed your parties. Must be nice to have something else to occupy ones mind.
    Had another scan today. All progressing well. The clinic reckons that I'll be due for egg collection this Wednesday and egg transfer on Monday the 8th. So I'm hoping that all goes well (i.e. they retrieve good eggs and secondly, good fertilisation) so that I can be in the TWW with you girls next week (Sas and Trying).
    Still waiting for the clinic to confirm dates.

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