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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • Ah sas sorry to hear that but like you said at least you can get on with this month. 

    I love these forums so much, I don’t like to keep talking about it to hubby as I don’t want him to know how obsessive I get :/ but it’s amazing to have support from you all xxx

  • Morning ladies,

    CD1 for me, just spotted yesterday. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Good luck those in two week wait, happy bding this waiting to ovulate and happy relaxing to those who have just got AF. Xx

  • Morning sas! Hope you are ok and have a lovely weekend too xxx

    got another bd in last night, not sure if I ovulated or not didn’t feel my usual ovulation pains but on the 4th I defo felt something, only time will tell I’m completed covered been bding every 2/3 days Xxx

    hope everyone has a lovely weekend xxx

  • Hey ladies

    I tested today and i think i see a line.

    Can anyone see it?

  • Sorry Sam, I don't really see anything. That said, I feel like something is catching my eye. It might clearer in person🤔. Did you hold your pee long enough b4 testing? Should get darker in a few days, Fx for you .

  • image

    Do you see anything on this one?

  • Sam I think I see a very faint line in the second pic, test again tomorrow with a wee thats been held in, Fx for you xxx

  • I agree with Flowers, looks like there's something in the second one. 

  • Ok will test tomorrow

    Thanks x

  • Hey ladies

    I tested again today after 24 hours with a one step as i don't have any first response tests left.  I think i still can see the faint line but it hasn't gotten darker! 

    Anyone see it?image

  • Hi sam, sorry I can’t see a line on that one either, did you take another test over the weekend? Fx for you xxx

    hope everyone had a lovely weekend xxxx

  • image hey I took these today will be taking a first response tomorrow!

  • Hi Sam, I'm still struggling to see. Surely those lines should have gotten darker by now if it's not an evaporation line. However,  those tests have been known to give false lines.  So a FRER should be able to give you something conclusive. 🤞 it's a BFP. 

  • Sounds silly but I’m not sure how those tests works and where the lines are supposed to be lol, hope a frer gives you a proper answer Sam xxx

    I’m 7dpo today and last night felt some things like pinching in my right side of my abdomen and pressure on my bladder, also have slight sensitive nipples and back ache, we will see trying not to get my hopes up at all xxx

  • Sounds promising Flowers. Do you also get those symptoms in your non-BFP cycles? Unfortunately or fortunately (feel both at times),  I'm one of those that symptoms don't seem to mean anything per se, until after the fact. I'm cd11, gearing up for OV in  few days.

  • I normally get sensitive nipples leading up to af and thats it. Today my right high is really aching which I had when i had my bfp. Just got to wait and see I guess, trying not to think about it as it’s making me go crazy lol, also on the weekend had a couple cramps that felt like af that only lasted a few seconds 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Right thigh*

  • Good morning ladies! I am cd13 today. Not pushing it this month as I take it as my "month off". However we bd'd in the middle of the night and we probably will today again. I was away for a few nights and it appears dh missed me a lot eheh! Anyway, I will try to stay away from here during the next two weeks so I will hopefully not symptom-spot as much this month, which turns me into a crazy lady otherwise.

  • I also forgot to mention that at my doctor's visit when I brought up my light periods worries, my doctor said that mc is a traumatising experience on the body and that by summer it should be all healed and ready to go again (even from an early mc 4 months ago).. It lowered my expectation of ttc and kind of calmed me down and I don't feel like I need to put too much pressure on ourselves yet and I can give a break to my reproductive system. However, we will not stop trying, but I will not force it and will give it a rest mentally.

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