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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • Billy lovely to hear from you and glad to see your doctors has calmed you down! Very interesting to read as its calmed me down abit aswell! And you never know it’s always when you stop thinking about ttc is when you actually concieve, fx for you billy xxx

  • Flowers, Exactly, it was a good reminder. I forgot that our bodies go through a lot and we expect so much of them! It makes sense that it might take a little longer to get back to its original shape and I can give my reproductive system time and love in the meanwhile. I am also okay with waiting longer for a baby, we are in no rush, just excited with the idea of becoming parents!

    Good luck to you, your twinges and leg cramps sound promising and I really hope your body gives you that gift of life soon again xx

  • Also, if you're looking for a really interesting podcast talking about reproduction, check out Radiolab from WNYC Gonads series of 5 episodes from June 15, 2018! It's super well made and very informative!! :P I listened to it this summer and I am listening it again now!!

  • Morning all,

    Billy nice to see you've been relaxing and doctor has given you answers that have helped you. Happy bding, hope your tww is as relaxing as the first half of your cycle. Hope to see you back with your bfp .

    Flowers sounds promising, when is AF due? Do you have a date in mind for testing. FC 🤞

    Hope the massage went well for you and oh Giegie. You must not be far if ovulation now. Hope you catch that egg 🤞

    I've just been relaxing and enjoying this time. Have a big girls night out on Saturday and I normally wouldn't go too mad due to TTC and it being close to ovulation but I fully intend to let my hair down this 

    Hope everyone else is good. Xx

  • *Giegie hope the massage went eell

  • Thanks sas, we will see.. I know I’m probably just getting my hopes up and af will turn up, she   is due in a week xxx

    enjoy your girls night out and go crazy! Maybe get a bd in when you get home and could lead to a drink bfp😁😂xxx

  • A drunken bfp*

  • A drunken BFP would be nice😂🤣, I agree with Flowers, let your hair down Sas. Keeping  my fx for you Flowers. My stress massage was brilliant.  OH couldn't make make though so I  booked another for him. 

    Billy- I wouldn't be surprised if your decision gets you your sticky BFP faster than what you have done in the past. Pls pop back in to keep us updated when this comes true.

    Cd12, OH has been tired of late, but was able to get a bd in this morning. Hoping for another tomorrow or next.

  • Hey ladies

    I tested today with a first response got a faint line again.
    Lines are not getting darker for me so don't know what to expect!
    Will test again on Friday and see where I'm at!

  • Sam fx for you lovely xxx

    giegie hoping you get those bds in to cover yourself xxx

    felt sooooo sick last night along with my thighs and hips aching! Then this morning woke up and had diarreha (sorry tmi) and my left leg is aching so much and I feel so tired. Dont know if I’m getting poorly or being stupid by thinking could these be symptoms lol xxx 

    hope everyone is ok ❤️Xxx

  • One can only hope that they symptoms Flowers, 🤞 for you.  Off to work now.

  • Hi ladies. Glad to hear ur all doing ok! Fingers crossed for anyone in the tww! 

    sam I hope u get ur bfp Friday! 

    I have my app tomorrow worth the Dr to doscuss things in general and also to talk about my crazy mid cycle bleed from last week. aF dues this weekend so I’m not hopeful of any other outcome as I think with the bleeding we missed the ovulation, we dtd right before we went away but I think it was a day or two proor to peak ovulation so I’m not worrying about it this month. 

    Nervous for the dr tomoro tho, going alone as hubby is away with work. Any advice for me? 

  • Hi Genabella, talking from experience, all I can say is this, don't let the Drs trivialise your worries. If you  don't show enough concern about your TTC issues, they are likely to show less concern and just give you generic advice - i.e. take folic acid and vit D. Now i don't know the specifics of what you'll be discussing. It's ok if it's nothing major. But do press for tests if you think you need them. Hopefully, you get a very good doctor that addresses your concerns properly . 🤞. 

  • Thanks GiEve. I’m actually going to see a private gynae DR as I know that’s exactly what would happen with my own gp. I called them after all the bleeding last week, could t give me an app for two weeks and when I finally got a phonecall with the DR he told me to keep an eye next month and see did it happen again. i just don’t want to waste time unnecessary 

  • Imagine! A very wise choice to go private . Good luck hun and keep us posted. 

  • Genabella hope all goes well with the doctor and you get some answers!xxx

    sorry if this is a gross question but has anybody had diarrhoea and leg ache together? My legs and hips have been killing me today and I’ve not got constantly diarrhoea its when I eat (which is helping my diet😂) just I’ve never had this before so I don’t know what to think xxx 

  • Thanks giege, I have health insurance that will cover it so I may as well use it! 

    Sorry flowers I’m no help on this one! 

  • I've never had those simultaneously Flowers, so don't really know what to say. Hope you get better soon though. 

  • Hi flowers hunni sorry I've not had both of them I do have aches and pains in my legs and am constipated on and off hope it turns into your bfp if not hope you feel better soon xxx

    Genabella hope you find out what is happening good luck tomorrow hunni xxx

    Hope everyone else is doing ok xxx  

  • Thanks girls I feel a bit better today no diarrhoe! Still achy legs and I have a dull feeling in my abdomen, just want the week to hurry up so I can see if af turns up or not, I won’t test till after the 19th xxx

    hope everyone is ok and well xxx 

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