Is this a positive?

Hey guys,

iI’ve done a test and a line has showed but my partner says he can’t see it. Am I going crazy? It appeared straight away and has got darker but he just can’t see it 😩image


  • Id hate to give you false hope but looks it to me, very very early tho! How many DPO are you? Do you have another test to try again with? If a second is just as light it most likely isn't an evap line!! Let us know 😍 x

  • imageI done another one and it’s practically clear. There’s something there but it’s so faint x

  • Looks like a faint positive !! Have you tried a FRER

  • Oh my goodness yes that's deffo there isn't it!! Can't imagine you'd get 3 evap lines.. all super faint but they are there!! Keep trying in mornings and they should be more obvious even by tomorrow morning! Eeek! How exciting!! 

    How soon is your period due? X

  • imageimagehi guys, I did these test and I am currently on the mini pill, the lines are very very faint and I’m not the only person to say it? What do you guys think? If I am I will only be about 3-4 weeks 

  • I can see a second on the negative effect picture, sounds like you’re in the same boat as me. It’s just a eating game x

  • Yeah, I had a miscarriage about 2 years ago early in a pregnancy just don’t want that happening again, will probably do another in a week or so 

  • So the doctor said I’m not pregnant because his test was negative. I also had a negative early response one but another positive cheapie. Someone please tell me what’s going on 😩

  • How many days dpo are you ? Did you miss your AF? Some people don’t get a positive test until nearly 6 weeks gone ... so two weeks post yourbmissed period it is rare but really not uncommon. I would say just relax try and take your mind off things , if you are pregnant stress is really not good for you hun xxx

  • this is the crazy thing, my period isn’t due for 12 days. I’m confused 😩

  • My periods are crazy never know when I’m gonna have one and not meant to have one on this mini pill either, if I am pregnant I must only be a couple of weeks 

  • Blood test came back from yesterday, hormone level was less than 0.1 so I’m guessing I’m not pregnant. im not due on for 8 Days though is there still chance?

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