Am I pregnant or just late?

Hi everyone, 

I have just joined this lovely group! 

I have been trying to conceive for around about 8 months now. I suffered a miscarriage early last year, but have still been trying. 

I am currently 5 days late and I’m only usualy 1-2 days late if I am late which is rarely. For the past 2 weeks I have been feeling sick and I need to loo more often . 

However for the past 2 days I’ve been have period like cramps but still no sign of my period so I’m keeping my fingers crossed but I am too scared to take a test yet as I’m scared it will come back negative.

has anyone else had signs of pregnancy really early on? 

Thanks xox


  • MshopefulXoX that all sounds like signs I would definitely say take a test. This pregnancy and my last I was feeling sick and dizzy with some cramping just before AF due so not to early at all for symptoms m.

    Good luck let us know how u get on x

  • Take a test huni! We would love to hear your results sounds very promising ❤️

  • Hi ladies, 

    thanks for your reply! 

    unfortunaly period came today :(

    I really thought i was pregnant this time!

    Just got to keep trying xx 

  • Aww huni! It’s hard I know :(

    we shall keep trying

    I am currently 9 days later than my last cycle negative tests 👎 2.5 months off the pill still have a iregular cycle since going off it 

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