Any other older women TTC for first baby?

Morning guys,

I’m 36, closer to 37 now and been TTC for a few months. 

I’m into February now, January wasnt successful. I’ve never been pregnant before so completely unaware of whether I have fertility issues apart from the obvious - my age!

I’m driving myself insane looking at articles online of all the reasons why it wont happen for us; I have a 26 day cycle and LP averages at 11 days and the fact it hasnt happened yet! Since being off the POP I don’t get the same PMS symptoms as I did when I was on the POP so does this mean something? Am I not producing enough hormone?

Anyone else in a similar boat or been in a similar boat?

Sorry for the long post, I just needed somewhere safe to get my thoughts out :(

Thanks for reading x


  • I don't really think you're so much older. For how many months have you been off the pill and trying? It took my body about 6 months to get back to normal after getting off the pill. 

    if you're worried about hormones (which absolutely makes sense due to quite short luteal phase) maybe you could do a private blood tests to check things like FSH, LH, progesterone etc (doctors normally require you to be actively trying to conceive for at least a year before doing any tests and you probably don't want to wait that long)?

  • Hi Mag1988, thanks for replying.

    I’ve been off and trying for 3 months so maybe need to give my body a chance! I stupidly thought with the POP that it is out of your system pretty much straightaway as my pill only had a 3 hour window.

    Strangely your idea about private tests I had last night and was looking at some clinics that were local as I deffo dont want to wait a year or more for the NHS!

    A huge part of me is kicking myself for waiting so long to start trying :(

  • Some women ovulate straight away and have no problem with periods and have very regular cycles. For others it can take longer, I don't think there is any rule there. My hormones were all over the place for quite a long time. It's so weird that can be trying not to get pregnant for so many years and later it's just not as easy as you thought but don't blame yourself.

    Unless you have early menopause your age shouldn't be a problem but to speed things up and be 100% sure everything is ok you might want to check. 

    Also it really does take time to get pregnant. We conceived after 1 month of trying last year but sadly ended up in miscarriage and it took us further 6 months to get pregnant again (no birth control for few years now & I'm 31 years old). Up to 12 months of trying isn't unusual really if everything is ok and you have regular cycles.

    Maybe start taking folic acid and other vitamins. I've heard soy isoflavones give great results. I've been taking coQ10 for healthy eggs, L-arginine for thick lining & low dose aspirin for better blood flow. 

    Be patient & good luck xx

  • I am 35 and trying for the first baby. My doctor said it is 6 months of ttc before you get checked out if you are 35 or older. The NHS page also states this. I am now on my 4th cycle since stopping the pill and on my second cycle of ttc. I am starting to get spots on my chest which is due to my hormines trying to regulate so i'm still not back to normal since stopping the pill xx

  • Hi Maggs - thanks for advice and encouragement. I’m working on the patience ;)x

    Hi Apple - fingers crossed for us both on this journey. Good to know about the 6 months, in my head I have given myself that long. 

    I didn’t think I was doing too bad with my hormones regulating but maybe the fact my PMS symptoms are calmer is the hormones regulating. I dont know. I’ve bought myself some OPK for this month and taking my BBT - feel like I’m turning into a crazy person! Xx

  • I know how you feel! I felt i was going crazy hence the reason i am having a relaxed couple of months and just going by the fertility friend app and my CM. I was using OPK all the time plus want yo give my body time to get back to normal before trying opk again. Was also looking at ovusense as you can pay monthly for it! 

  • Hi ladies, I just wanted to add you all are still young compared to me being 41 lol and have a 4 week old daughter. Give it time it will happen and ask questions with the your doctor. 

  • Hi Dee, thanks! And how amazing for you, congratulations!! Gives me hope - I’m working on my patience! Xx

  • Congrats Dee. I'm taking it easy this month well will try to! Baby dust to you all. 

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