TTC & on month 10! Feeling a little down

Hi guys! 

This is my first post so not quite sure what to expect. This ttc journey has been very lonely. I thought it would happen within 6 months as I am in my late 20’s and here I am on month 10. I know it takes healthy couples 12 months to conceive but it seems like everyone around me has conceived within a few months of trying. Every month AF comes, I get this sinking feeling. Anybody else on this journey? In need of some support!


  • I feel the same. We are on month 11. im 12 dpo and no symptoms and negatives on IC. We have a 19 month old and every month just makes me feel more guilty that he isn’t enough for me because every month I become more obsessed. My friend is pregnant and constantly discusses how she’s feeling rubbish with me and today told me ‘yeah I’d count myself out after 10dpo if nothing had happened yet’

  • Hi nkl17 I totally understand how you feel. The ttc journey can get very lonely sometimes and it especially doesn’t help when others around you are pregnant or boast about conceiving within few months. It’s hard not to get obsessed over it but continue to remain positive :) It is still too early to count yourself out this month! Baby dust to you.

    I’m still ttc 1 and I know they say it takes healthy couples takes up to 12 months to conceive but i’m getting fed up now. Will you be considering going to the GP? 

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